Monday, July 4, 2016

July what to DO?

June and July will be the fire monkey energy burns to the highest state follow by the mercury star travelling in different directions.

Many things u think that will turn on A but it may turn out B.

Alot of issues will be happening from the liver issues because of constant worries and anger. Your lungs and stomach will be indirectly affected.

Many may wake up feeling ok and suddenly emotionally not ok. The roller coaster of the emotion and mood swing is very obvious.

On 25th September 2016, I will share with u the numerology of food to handle some emotion issues. But this will be a short but useful track for u. The seats for the talk left another 50 . Please register fast because when near August many old students will register le.

Please register, those who have registered do secure ur seats by making payment now.

Foodcure for July 2016

A) This tea
1. Clears the Liver, Brightens the Eyes. 
2: Clears Heat, . 
3: Treat hypertension.

1) 夏枯草 +桑叶 +5  red dates(dont remove seeds) + few slices 甘草 Boil for half hour than add some 菊花and when off fire.

Drink 2 cups a day for one day will do. Do it once a week. Do not drink empty stomach.

When u drink this tea, have a drop of peppermint oil rub neck shoulder. This tea will open up July heaven good luck star. And u will find things getting better.

Peppermint oil has a effect of clearing “乌云盖顶”。 Also those who have my Tzi or black tourmaline tzi. Take the tzi gently rub ur nose top part and forehead. It bring it good Ki to ur body. And also if u suffer from quarrel, lost of wealth, rub rub this area with tzi omhealth helps alot.

B) They say every year the last 3 months will be a reflection of the luck of next year. So start now prepare good luck for 2017 by working on star number 2 for 2016 which is illness star. Do things to control this star. Also use oil on bottom of feet before sleep and wear socks if ur health luck no good and suffer from career issues.

1) Left foot sole, lavendula vera
2) Right foot sole, purification blend
3) Morning a drop of fresh morning on wrist before go out of house.

C) Fridge:

Go to ur fridge and throw 2 things which is expire or u need to throw. Than wipe inside with eucalptus oil 5 drops on a wet cloth and wipe wipe.

This will be a special seminar

The reason is I have finalized some good methods to over headaches , neck pain and fatigue

Beside sharing with u the way of seeing TCM Doctor , I will include the right way to perform

1) physio stretch
2) acupressure points
3) tea recipes

This methods are effective;

Have u register for this 无所不谈 seminar? Do come ok 

Health beauty talk I don't have a lot but every year I have a mush attend one and you will benefit 

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