Monday, July 4, 2016

Chinese 7 month protect body method

Well, when we talk about "the other" things. U know what I mean.
As long as u are a good person nothing de la. But all these years i know if a person energy is low, is more easily affected in a way. But again we should be in harmony with all. And not to harm.

I have 2 nonreligious friends and can see. And well, sometimes is amazing howthe existence   of things we cant see. And sometimes after so many cases I have heard from close friends. I find that is important we also need to be compassionate about it. But again protection is also very important .

Case Studies I regretted

Last year, I brought one of the friend to a temple performing 7th month prayers for ancestor. And the head of temple wanted me to tell my friend to verify certain ancestors were there. I was curious also. And guess what, my friend can describe clearly who were there to the deceased family.

But my friend suffer from sickness abit and I regret doing that.  Because too Yin le.

So from this i know what can test and what best not to verify ;

At all time increase ur KI. Wear brighter color in seventh month ;

I shall not say much because lately what some friends been thru was beyond my explanation.

7th Month:

Talk less about "the others" and dont try to be funny. Even go pray ancestor etc, dont take selfie and talk less.

When affected, it is not easy to handle. And you dont want to go thru that.

Things to do:
A) Shower with 5 element oil anytime when u feel not right
B) Enter temple between 11am to 1pm best to absorb the Yang Energy. Carry Cundi pendant. And sometimes let the sun sun the mirror side of cundi pendant.
C) wear your bracelet and Tzi pendant. Rub the Tzi warm and Sun it sometimes.
D) Chanting CUndi mantra or 6 syllabus mantra when enter hotel or when enter some quiet place can have protection

Those who attend the welcome 2016 talk this year early on, we have given all a small 楞严咒key chain. Well is best to carry.
E) For those who need travel, can carry ur travel charm that u have.
F) Aroma oil like cypress, 5 element oil is powerful. When in hotel, u can bring a bottle of seasalt and put few drops of this 2 oil and put beside bed for protection.

FOr people who have problems sleeping after visiting weird place. U can use this salt bowl method beside bed for few days.

G) cant sleep well in hotel or home during 7th month, U can put the salt beside bed. Than bottom of feet u can put a drop purification blend.

Aroma OIl that has HIGH YANG KI

Awakening, five element oil, purification oil blend, Cypress oil, Ten spice oil.

H) Bryan's favorite Chinese POEMS  Affirmation: 出门经

U see chinese has longest history of working with affirmation and healing light energy using power of words and positive thoughts.

Hold ur black tourmaline and say that if u need to travel far or before go out . Bring in good energy.

Army/ those body more Yin.

1) Normally can go Kwan Yin Temple , invite the triangle Fu and than chant 108 times Om Mani Padme hung and go over incense 3 times. And put in wallet.
2) Wear ur bracelet left hand. Turn the Tzi to the front .

3) Bring a few packet of effective 藿香正气粉, This powder prevent travel sickness, normally i will eat a packet when arrive another country. It increase the Yang energy of body and says to drive away negative energy.

Those who want to know about black tourmaline bracelet

Also the Small Yuan Tzi has a lot of good energy. And is limite each at $68 to thank u.

The effort to make this tzi and activate is really good.

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