Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Items to watch out

This is a special bowl I created for many to have a good wealth energy and lock in the wealth and stability. Bringing the luck of happiness to one's family. And 9 kind of auspicious energy to a person family. I always believe if u plant the seeds of goodness now , future will be good. (9 eye is a future star).

To order:

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each bowl set is $268
This bowl represent the 9 planetary systems balance and its essence.

Being in this area of luck for many years. I find that what worries many are the indefinite energy of luck compare to ancient time.
During our grandparents time, when a person work hard and put in effort , we can achieve results.
Some elderly just come from China and selling a box of fruits manage to support the family. ANd can go rich. But now the world is clouded with tons of negativity which we are fighting it . We pollute the world, environment etc. Make things more difficult.

Time are different now. The planet stars arrangement comes in a way that karma ripen quickly. People starts to answer their past actions.

Also u can see more and more different teacher in teaching and meditation coming up but is this the right path. We need to be careful. For me simplicity and also keep things simple is the key to better luck.

Heng ball has continued to bring many stability to many and this is the third year omhealth making of heng ball:> Happy for u all.

Some people may put in a lot of effort at work or projects but seems the path has a lot of blockages.

Well first we analyse it in a more practical way.

In the past life probably u left a banana skin on floor and the person fell down. So this life this person will come revenge . So if ur " Bank Account' or 福报 has a lot u can help to block away the revenge in a cushion way.

U notice, sometimes ur luck comes and goes. Sometimes it seems non stop one after another. So time is ripe and now is time for us to accumulate merits.
Now when u ask me, aren't we selfish kept thinking our own merits and being greedy , different from the Buddhist studies?

Answer is no no. If we ourselves cannot be ok, how do we help more people. Doing charity and helping people can be simple and should be in a relax way.

Sometimes u see some temple have charity lamp or oil lamp but each lamp can be few hundreds dollars or each lamp can be $20 or more , if u going light for family many may not afford. So this create stress when going temple.

So for me when a temple kept insist or "selling" lamp can help increase fu Bao. In a way I will start to question. FOr me is when we light lamp or pray at temple or do donation is happy and a relax way.

How to increase your Fu bao?

1) Daily, think of how u can not to lost temper or gossip others.
2) Daily, think how u can simplify ur life and be nicer.
3) Daily, think how u can be more patience to ur parents. I see many of us are very filial to our parents but sometimes our impatient can be so hurtful to them in words. Today when I was having breakfast at the hotel area. A lady kept scolding her parents because making a mistake in the seat number and their parents just ate quietly in the restaurant. Even she brings her parents for holiday but her words has remove all the merits .
I think u and me same same , many times we rude in words to elderly because we take them for granted.
4)Daily, think of ways to make urself happy and do things u like even for that few minutes. We give so much to family, boss, children. But we forget the ME. Many times when we do things or buy food, we think of what ur family like first. Even we like certain things, we put our need to last. This is common for many housewives. But this create also an unknown stored unhappiness in liver. Liver in luck is wood and means affect the growth of wealth. and also female related sickness.
5) Daily, spend 5 mins reading books from wise one. SOmeone well respected on philosophy and life.
6) Do something good, anything. Even a $2 medicine donation to clinics can help someone in distress.
7) Listen to nice music and positive songs once a week if can
8) Enter religious place, relax and restore ur energy
9) See a TCM once a month to improve ur energy or boil some herbs tea for urself. And clean ur house, pay attention to fridge and cleanliness and toilet cleansing.


9 Eye Tzi Liu Li Bowl

The 9 eye Tzi Liu Li bowl is design to meet the energy of above 9 criteria. The bowl energy brings in a warm Ki for house.
U can see ammonite fossil is there to move the luck around the house and a bowl of crystals.

This 9 eye is already worth a lot.

Below a new lotus bracelet for peace harmony and wealth and calm the mind.
Is the Gold sheen blue stone with lotus Tzi. This bracelet reminds u that beauty of life and remembering happiness and  beauty can be shining even the circumstances are hard.

It symbolise pure energy and also freedom of worries. Wearing helps body to  purify their minds, better understanding of  life and being goodness. It hellps people purify negative energy, create circumstance and base on own hard work to remove obstacles and illness to increase success

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