Tuesday, July 12, 2016

5 element exercise class students

平安吉祥如意 Bryan's Birthday Class--
Heng Ball Health Ki Gong Class

This class we will perform the 5 element exercise together ,

how to use this health balls for good sleep and health

And also slimming 2 track of cardio exercise:>

Bring ur Good Morning:>

Venue: CSC
Date : 8th October 2016
Time: 930am
Fees: $55
Free: A set of $48 worth Healing wall health balls

 will be email to registered students:>  class@omhealth.com

Aahha this classs is really a almost free class to gather:>

To me this class is really a exercise class to bring all 5 element class student together:>

And this class I invest on this health balls for everyone a set:>

8th October 2016 ( Bryan Lao Shi the day before birthday). Some fees will donate for charity de:>

 August time: Limited 50 seats only, priority to 5 element class old students.

U can register first , will be a Sunday class@omhealth.com date announce tomorrow. With mobile . Priority to ex students:>

1) Work with Heng ball a pair worth $48
2) Revise 5 element exercise
3) Muay Thai Kick to for slimming the waist line
4) Meridian acupressure tips
5) Head kwa Sha methods for eye brightening

Fees is $55

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