Thursday, June 30, 2016

Power news

25th Sep 2016 Health Beauty Talk is a special one

From Octorber to December 2016 preserving health luck will bring good luck in 2017. The reason is number 2 sick star center in 2016. So working on it can bring good energy:>

Do come to refresh the luck so to have a good 2017.

As this year the sickness star is in the center of the 9 grid. So having a good health talk will help

As many forget health is wealth and wealth bring health too.


2016 from July to September Wealth Method

A) East and SouthWest of living room.
Spray daily Space clearing spray. And say: "water wealth luck come to my house and family"
Bring in career luck and money luck.

B) Living room put this fruit until it turns orange and when it turn orange, u put ur bracelet around it for an hour.

C) this yellow one buy the not so orange one and let it turn deep orange to change ur house luck ;
U can get from flower shop market or Chinatown basement the market flower shop

10th July: I will be Bugis Plus Nu ren wo zui da, meet and greet. The main is the Taiwanese. So I will be on stage to greet all.

For those who want to come and watch is 4pm. Wear u yellow shirt.

for registered and reply ur email it will meet at the main door bugis plus

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