Thursday, June 9, 2016

Positive Thoughts

Previous articles was a important one. To address the emotions and heart thought issues that currently many are facing.

Remember this month get the 5 element oil and the spray very good. As it clear the fire;

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Many are facing a situation where just unknown worries or instability. A kind of lost yet dont know how to explain fluctuations.

Well this is just the effect of the stars. Do things with good energy will definitely helps.
Listen to good music, eat an ice cream , read a book, work with black tourmaline crystal

Use aroma oil like Awakening blend

Awakening blend works with the message of { Seeing the truth of your situation}

Have you been hesitating to make a decision? Are you unsure of yourself, confused and unclear of your options or future?

Most of our hesitation, limitations are based on illusions, fears created by negative perceptions of yourself and your world.

Sometimes example: U are granted a project that you are long waited for and for period of 5 days things going well, except last day alot of hippcups . Yet a human will focus on the hippcups and forget that 4 days and actually project u ask for has been granted. End up we trapped .

I suggest u to work with Awakening blend and Love Miracle blend to focus on ur strength and look through the limiting illusion of fear and see the truth of who you are and your potential then step into the fullness of ur life.

Bryan lao Shi healing method (more will be taught in 25 sep 2016 Get Younger with Bryan in this affirmation method for better mind and health)

A) 5 drops awakening blend in pail of water and rinse body after shower and wipe dry.
B) Love miracle blend dab around chest and relax for 10mins.
 And say " I am willing to change and grow" with eyes close and relax.

If u can wear the black tourmaline bracelet or clarity bracelet.

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