Monday, June 27, 2016

New Design

Now can click le because typo link just now

Remember we should have a black tourmaline bracelet if possible:>

Above is the version generation 3 black tourmaline bracelet: Get this first and than in future feel great add the following bracelet

Below are the launch by omhealth design using special activation techniques.

Below 3 design are not black tourmaline; Take note ok.

Design A (2 pieces)
This is pure lapis Lazuli with a special Tzi for healing and peace. Is collectiable piece at $338
It helps to create a protective auric and awaken mind. Assists with spiritual growth, 
intuitive perception and objectivity. Mentally calming, supports clarity & helps one to organize day to day activities. Enhances serenity, acceptance and calmness

Design B:

This design activate the energy of love-kindness and compassion & joy. 
Clears negative energy, allowing light of happiness to enter & transformation to occur. 
Has a stabilizing effect on energy in the home. Awakens inner talents & creativity.

Design C
It was said in ancient this stone encourage to have better memory, concentration & focus. 
This design deflects negativity. Stimulates the desire for peace and inner happiness, enhancing one's ability to attract love

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