Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Black Tourmaline Bracelet

I am so happy that a further step we further tell our client black tourmaline we have is a genuine.

This black tourmaline designed was created by me in 2002 and is called the heaven and earth design。 From previous design version 1 to now version 3.  The Tzi used are all good agate and the artwork symbol are all made with great care.

All Tzi bracelet is activated with care love and flowers unique way by omhealth.

For this bracelet, is the main motivation to bring calmness, motivate us to understand the essence of life. Is like a cushion to remind us and wont fall to bottom.
At all times it remind us we are infact protected.

I use crystal bracelet when i am kind of down. Positive energy. So when we face issues, rub this crystal with palm and feel calm.
Those who are born in 60s, 70s u will know the environmental energy of now and past is different. Everyday our bodies are now subjected to more environmental stress like "waves". This waves from electrical appliances and subject increases making us more susceptible to illness and diseases.
I find that working with crystal bracelet enable myself to  to amplify personal energy fields which may counteract the affects of environmental pollution.

Black tourmaline omhealth design since 2001 is not a fashion bracelet. U dont have to wear daily as described. But u can wear when at home or times of stress. Best is try to use daily for breathing exercise.

Now this bracelet is used extensively for grounding. What is grounding. Well is 地气。now alot of people are less grounded. Means they say alot think alot but difficult to put ideas to action. Or do things not determined. Easily disheartened.  So working with black tourmaline bracelet in breathing exercise helps in grounding. It is well known that black tourmaline is a very purifying stone that deflect and transform negative energy.

Omhealth Black tourmaline bracelet is $338 to $480.  


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