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Further extra far effort

Omhealth has been introducing black tourmaline since 2001. And was launched with tourmaline and Tzi together:>The source of tourmaline was really good. But is based on trust that many students got it and feel good over it. YES since 2001.

Time flies and some customer show me their first tourmaline bracelet.
I still remember my tourmaline was so wonderful and was featured in magazine too.

Omhealth has a unique way to activate Black Tourmaline Bracelet.

A research was done on Black tourmaline for its piezoelectric effect and in Japan and Taiwan was once very very into it. This stone is always related to protection grounding, health , happiness, luck and positivity.
Why omhealth this year go all the way to test the tourmaline to ensure u is real one. Because time are different newbies tends to ask alot rather than trust a teacher. I wonder... So omhealth has further test and ensure is real one, this will also further expand our market le . And is great.
Reason why Black tourmaline is the first crystal i intro in 2001 and encourage people to have one:>

I think we are constantly contact with many people, environmental stress and also people day in day out . Sometimes the vibes of people and their negative words can be disturbing.  Especially at workplace, having a black tourmaline can remind us to be balanced, grounded and free from picking up the unnecessary stress.

life is already so stress, why let people affect u so much. The reason why I intro black tourmaline is more on teling ourselves to be love and light and dont like people affect u.

I dont know whether sometimes have this experience, when u talk to certain people u feel energised but some even u talk to them on the phone, once u put down the phone u feel drained.

Even if u are not stress black tourmaline bracelet remind ourselves to be well and happy.

I dont wear often but when needed i put under pillow. I wear or put in pocket.

Most powerful our black tourmaline is tested further real one even we as a 
Bryan lao Shi verified and further comfirm chop chop are u happy;) ahaha 

Personally, I feel very calm wearing one. If I have disturbed sleep or feel uncomfortable when overseas, I will rub it for 10 seconds with both palms and wear to sleep.

Yes. These two bracelets have helped many people from many aspects in life. I think the energy of black tourmaline has not reached its peak and will continue to shine. The fast development of technology and fast pace environment has got mankind into a state of ungrounded, anger, worries, depressions and poor health.

Bryan's Black Tourmaline bracelet has received many feedback including better sleep and improved in temper. A very purifying and protective stone on all levels. An excellent aura cleanser, as it repels as well as transforms negative energies.

How does the black tourmaline work? It help your body towards homeostasis – the state when your body is working perfectly and everything is in balance.
Black Tourmaline as Mental BalancerFor mental/emotional healing, tourmaline appears to help enhance concentration, inspiration and sensitivity. Further, it has been used to stimulate a proper balance between the left and right sides of the brain.

Black tourmaline is also considered to help in all other areas of our lives where a state of equilibrium is required, such as between play & work, ease & pain; or, inner- & outer- consciousnesses. Black Tourmaline, as a Lucky Stone
I have came across rubbing black tourmaline brings luck and happiness. When rubbed, it becomes charged with magnetic electricity and the luck intensifies.

Activation of black tourmaline energy allows one to feel grounded again, like an Oak tree grounded deep to earth so it can grow strong and beautiful 

Anyway u can read more in this blog : and also

Taking Care?

Once your Black Tourmaline starts to look dull, place it in a tissue with 3 drops 5 element oil  cover it. Let it sit for 10mins. Than spray Protection spray on it.
This process helps to cleanse and clear the Black Tourmaline, so it can get back to work.

This tourmaline is not say wa, magical charm or what. But it was designed in 2001 time my main aim is to activate the grid of peace and harmony. Energy on the earth is stress tension and many people feel like they have more things to do than time allows for. 

Black Tourmaline is in-synch with root chakra, so when it is in your environment, or on your body, it helps you extra boost support in your life.
Do take note is not like a item that shield u from all things and bring u all goodness if u dont put in effort in life.

Other more Theorectical explanation:
full aura
 When ur body is in right field of energy everything will be in balance. But when is not, the field will move differently. It help to ground and so far i find it has a constant healing clear clear effects on our chakras.
Some people are sensitive enough by holding black tourmaline can feel the charges.
Proper diet, breathing exercises, and using essential oil helps to improve a body energy field . Wearing a good black tourmaline shield and protect

Below is a test:>>>

Some researcher says: it has high negative ions , far infra red etc. This i dont know but i wear feel good.

How I wear?

I wear when i want to. Not fashionable ba, i put in bag. U wan fashionable dont get from me :>

How I use?

Well use for healing by putting on stomach and relax.

Use for affirmations: 

"I am infinite Peace" (only this 4 words, 3 times once a day)

Peace is an inner agreement with the soul's steady serenity. It brings a feeling that inspires harmless toward every living creature of God's Universe. True peace transcends our human understanding and attunes every living being with the universal harmony. The more attune to peace, the more radiant our lives become.

Many years ago black tourmaline was so coincidentally feature in Iweekly and another one in Botanical garden

The string of black tourmaline can wear and tea and just restring ! Some people wear two years few years also ok some wear awhile string wear tear, it all depend how u handle!
All bracelet can restring by omhealth at $10

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