Monday, May 16, 2016

Only 5 100 gram packets

野生沉香 100 gram limited edition and only $380!
Only 5 packet ! 
Interested SMS dirext ok! 

This are very genuine and once a blue moon omhealth than have !

Dear all please take note that 沉香doesn't mean need to be water sink! Water sink is very rare now and people don't use water sink to burn! It has many grade but as long as 沉香not mix chemically treated is good! 
Do u know for omhealth cool incense we yearly send for testing for chemical and passed;
Above is 野生沉香 very good energy and clearing and this price is very limited

On my palm below is called the water sink one and this piece is $3500 market rate many water sink is chemically treated and please doesn't mean water sink is best just that it was kept more  longer and is a controlled item now! Be very careful of some shops that are very convincing and what they selling a ! 

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