Monday, April 25, 2016

Thank You

Hi all thanks for attending the wonderful Orchard Central Talk.
Stage was the most narrow stage and high stage. I was like out of balance few times and need to watch every steps. But with good Ki Gong all is well. And i feel u all are awesome.....

Do remember to activate ur "REN" meridian daily by pressing 4 fingers below ur belly button gently 3 mins.

I am glad u all enjoy this talk. This talk appears on double auspicious day and very happy u all did all exercises I designed for u "NEW". It helps to harness goodness.

Year is already half gone and be strong and fearlessness.

When i was on stage, above me is the SKY shining down. hot la ahaha. But when performing the butteryfly dance, i visualise good energy from aboove shine to all. So happy.


6 D hulu coin has worked hard , for those put behind door one, u can wipe it with 5 element oil a drop ok.  This item change yearly is simple yet handle many stars .

Remember for those affected by Taisui is normal u will need to handle more this year but again, challenges comes in every few years to break free from current situations and achieve better.


Two Items can adopt to keep

A) GAnesha Puti Wealth Bead is very good to keep as it has many symbolic meaning of balance and break away patterns of negativity and courages.
B) Singing Bowl: The handmade singing bowl sound is totally beautiful compare to machine made. U will love it and is forever.

NB: Many fake puti health seed in market from Chxxx and some cut the line with machine. A good one is hard to come by.

For those who wants Puti health Seed alone (not into pendant or hole drill for breathing exercise ) is avaliable at $80 this batch.

C) Lucky fruits for this week till 1st May 2016 is Sunmaid raisins to eat before 5pm , a small packet.
The Bazi of this item for this week will bring balance and harmony to ur organs. and bring heng luck

And above will be made to pendant when selected and than a chain for u to clasp phone if u wan.

Those interested in above two items can email to

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