Monday, April 4, 2016

17th April Class 2016

Omhealth has created many classes.

This classes are created with in line of the energy of the year.

17th April class combines all these years essence of

Positive Affirmation Class
Pyramid Classs
Crystal healing class
Bai Bai Class

and into a class which certain exercise we do as a group can bring alot of benefits. We call the group Affirmation Class.

This time I focus on clearing and energy of our cell and bring in good energy.
Many who attended first one and feel better.

Months ago I have given the pyramid classes with so much good positive energy and happiness and greater insight of the chakra energy systems.

17th April will be a special one at Suntec .

We will have a 15mins extract from the Pyramid Class for chakra balancing which will do together to balance our energy system.

Those who have registered for the class, venue address has been email to you. Come with a happy heart and positive energy.

Those who know mantra chant a round of 108 cundi mantra before u come for the classs ok:>

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