Friday, March 11, 2016


A friend asked me, can i select a tzi for him to strike lottery.

I was like shocked.

Having Tzi is very auspicious. Is like a tool for us to feel better and self development. Many wear already feel calm and not so easy get angry.

When a person is more calm and peaceful. Good luck come.

Next week, some tzi will be activated:>

Stay tune:>

I have been in tzi for many years.

Some museum aged type is from ruin temples or from people have passed away or family. But this we couldn't adopt because it can goes up to few thousand for a piece.

u see, Tzi when u wear long become old as long as is a good Tzi.
Some places sell too bad quality tzi. Omhealth tzi is activated with love and care.

Tzi raise your consciousness to be well and mindful. Motivate u to do good too. Also omhealth activate it to represent a life of comfort and fulfilment of all wishes and happen naturally and enable to go thru all obstacles with strength and turn difficult  situation to an auspicious one and encourage luxury, lifestyle.

Is activated with motivate u to purify ur mine and encourage the safety and health of human body.

Tzi Pendant now avalible from omhealth $228 to $380 and limited Tzi at $680

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