Sunday, March 27, 2016

Email and Orders

I Hi

lately i am very happy to see students who are kind enough to send me email and ask very good questions and polite.

I remember in 10 years ago, people thought i standby computer and very demanding in questions and want immediate answers. But now many know my nature of work and am glad the mutual understanding:>

As time goes by--- we progress in our work and nature of work. And I need to do what i need to do because i know that just as a one man show i cant keep on staying in a level of replying same questions as ten years ago, like that many wont progress.

I think alot of things is 随缘。 I learn that I cant satisfy everyone needs, questions but I try my best to do blog on all questions u have asked. But i can't be a nanny to spoon feed everyone.

Looking at the technology can be overwhelming. Imagine sms is 100 a day, and now people can reach u whatsapp of up to 200 a day on CNY. U know end up i think errrr......

There are many kind of people in the world, some respect ur work, some are just to challenge u at all times. But to me, aiyo how old already, see open can le. Have this group of students like u all good enough.
Imagine in a class of 100 we go garden, do breathing exercise yearly, isnt it great understanding and peace.

My Master Style:
I remember my Master, who dont reply any people questions or he dont care what people says. But when time ripe, he will have a notice board to announce some informations. And all info seems to answer ur question.

In fact I am following my Master way of doing things. Which sometimes I will write and post in blog articles. So all ur questions even is not answer i do read and sometimes it can be found in articles.

Ancient time, people climb months of mountain to ask for a recipe for sore throat herbs.....


Thank You
I am glad leng leng is checking orders. And she can process ur orders as fast as possible. As u know
she spend her after work time to check and reply email And nowsaday courier company do tkae their time to send parcel which we have no control.

So some new customers may not understand. but today I explain all:>

Once again thank you all. All these years, in market there are so many easily avalible skincare or oil, but u make effort to do a online order and wait for email and courier to come. 
This is really out of support and passion for natural products.

I thank you. omhealth will continue to spread good and help out in charity in a low profile way whenever we can:>

New comers:
Omhealth is very real, we dont know how to PR, we are not good in replying sms or whatsapp or email but looking at blog post u will know how much effort we have put in.
If u want to learn more u can read:

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