Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thank You All

We are so lucky to choose the day of garden walk yesterday where no rain !

Items must have

Oils mentioned here and 6D hulu, brass hulu set and Spray Set

The Bazi of 2016 of the Monkey year is Fire on Earth formations. With very strong fire and weak water and lack of water can result in health and wealth aspect.

As the main energy in 2016 is fire, we need more water element in it: Luckily it rains this 2 days and we should be able to handle the year well.

The economy should able to improve compare to 2014 and 2015.
So in fact wearing black tourmaline bracelet, using heng ball blue at home anywhere is good too.

(remember bracelet and heng ball don't tie to elemental is universal)

The problems which I felt most worries is the sickness star and sickness charm flies to the center of sectors. Showing the problems of spreading disease, food poisoning, skin problems, natural disasters, dispute and sudden bad luck.

Especially the sudden bad luck is common this 2016 but again luckily we aware, when luck suddenly funny we use power bath to shower. Use the Tranquility spray on urself and protection Spray on environment.

This water spray can really reduce the fire poison practically. The protection spray has arrived now.

This 2016 have a star call " Attract YIN " star. This star means a person if weak or tired can easily attract "spirits" which may cause one to act weird or make wrong decision, or suddenly upset for no reason. So counter this by putting a brass hulu at house anywhere. Use of aroma oil
I) Purification
ii) Awaken
iii) Fresh Morning
iv) Ten Spice oil
v) Canaga oil

Above top five oil can interchange use and how u use?

2 drops in tissue or cotton inhale and bring around one of the bottle in bag.

For me: I always have purification in bag, it seems to immediate clear the environment.
Awaken blend I use dab abit wrist and inhale seems to work wonders.

Monkey year is very mischivious year: Some may from top suddenly hit to rock bottom so u can reach next level. Is this kind of Up and Down roller coaster that may tired a lot. At all times, use aroma oil and ur crystal for breathing.

When sometimes all things don't go right...

Quickly Power Bath
Light sandalwood coil or medicine coil in living room
than turn on a music " Gao Shan Liu Shui" Go nap 15mins (if with Tzi wear and nap)

It rebuild ur energy.

Other Stars:

Number 6 stars flying with 3 killings to the South. It means when good things happen it will amplifies, if bad things happen it will amplifies too. So if a disease spread in South area countries, it may amplify.

Means Horse to take care of health this year too. Also if can put 5d coin in ur house South if u find, things happen non stop bad.

Also rooster and Tiger , if u know how to have pattern pattern, this year u have a lot wealth luck.

Also as we know NE is Five yellow star means also earth quakes, countries in China also need to do extra care. NE is a very bad sector in ur house. Keep it clean and if can put a 6d hulu.

Chinese New Year Bring in Good energy to your collections if u thinking always to get something for your self.

Items CNY:

Receive many good feedbacks since 2006 with this bracelet; 10 years le:> and still going strong:>

1) Black Tourmaline Tzu Sa Bracelet is $380 to $480. The Tzi use is so powerful that shops seldom have and so far we saw some selling $800 just a Dzi for this quality.

2) Heng Tzi Pendant is $198 to $238. Very good pendant.

FOr item 1 and 2, email ur name, DOB (no need time), or issues if u have.
Say out and feel better.

3) Magneto Scrub, rose mask, rose water (all these good ren yuan for the year)

Special Edition 9 EYE Tzu Sa Dzi Pendant $500: only 3.

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