Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pyramid Healing Class FULL HOUSE

One and last class for next 5 years; 

Special request for 10:
Open 10 seats who don't have a pyramid and yet want to attend a healing class at $88

This healing class is more than pyramid. Is a system of energy healing, meditation and balance of body systems. This healing class in market cost :$380. Is specially brought to u.

class@omhealth.com for interested students; 

28th Feb Pyramid Healing Class is full house but open 10 for special request.

Do arrived on time and also those who have the pyramid do bring ur pyramid to the class .
Others who paid $166, u will have a pyramid. For those who pay $38 means u previously already bought my pyramid and u come for the class.

Is a class with alot of healing toning and balancing and music therapy. U dont have to copy notes. Is like coming for a group gathering Therapy Class.

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