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Updated Questions 2nd feb

1)Shower with oil is good this period, if the recipes u don't have the oil.
U can use 5 element oil a must, mix with Canaga or Grapefruit Pink added.

2) 4th Feb is known as the day Lap Chun and Monkey comes. It doesn't mean u must that day put ur items. U can start from today till April of 2016. All full months for u to put. So don't worry.

A) Oh heng ball is any color anywhere is ok. The color which direction is for those who want further enhance or into flying star. If not u put heng ball anywhere any color is good.

So don't worry. A clear heng ball is a must if u want to invest another heng ball that u don't have

B) The Gold ink pen day is 4th Feb.

Garden Walk is 6th Feb 2016, class@omhealth.com with name and mobile.

Spend time to listen to this Teacher. Listen le really good energy. At listen for 15mins :>

 Most repectable one:>
A teacher I learn from . And u can get his full series of Chinese Book in Kinokuniya


1) House items from 2010 where can I put or remain same positions?
House items since 2010 we have the Laugh Buddha, Kwan Yin, Hulu, Elephant etc
U can anyday and time, wipe with 5 element oil tissue and remain same place.

Or u can put at 1,6,8,9 position If u want to change.

2) 6d hulu main door can remove any day now or 6th feb if u want. Even u no time or overseas, u can do it after CNY is ok. as long as is before 1pm or 3pm no rain.

3) Rice urn 5 D coin can continue to put and just change the red packet or the man zi if u have. A pinch of salt to the rice very good.
For those who have the marble and the one dollar coin. U can take this five d coin out of rice urn (if it has reached 3 years) and put on a bowl of coins and all items. And put anywhere in living room

4) 5D coin on fridge u can continue to use. The red paper Man Zi change.

5) 5 D coin that u use to black poison star, do change and the old one just throw to recycle bins
( If u check outside FSM, all their items to put in one sector is minimum $200)
we do our best to make things minimum

6) Planetary Signs has changed and also my Fengshui master say my daughter cannot get married this year , how?
Please , this can be a year to get married too and it is really good if u select a good date. Please check with others how to choose date. For ur information in market choose date for marriage can cost $500. Go balestier Kwan Yin temple, give the aunty there a ang bao they check for u.

7) The Kwan Yin Paper mantra u give in workshop, what can we do?
Oh is designed by a famous artist. U can chant daily ten time kwan yin mantra and color each cicle once u complete 10 times. After a full circle complete, dedicate to all beings and also pray for ur family wellness.

8) 4th Feb 2016 , deposit money should I lao shi?
First think, u deposit $100, one year later ur wealth is 1 percent or less interest. What do you gain from it. This was created to jammed up the systems and make things difficult for banks. Waste effort waste time. Instead, learn to accumulate the real bank account this date. Go temple, do prayers for the world (u gain positive energy), go buy things for elderly, go donate charity.

We all have greeds. But greed to do good things, to peace, to accumulate good merits is welcomed. But greed with no wisdom like queue upto deposit money hoping to have great wealth in 2016 is so not cool.

Think again ba. Uncle me spend money on that day and organise Charity Lunch for elderly and visit temple Philip street at 10am.

9) Seems my health starts to be no good and also seems the spreading disease and deng fever is showing up, is the sickness stars mentioned by many fSm true.

Well, in Chinese Tong Shu, we see the sickness star and illness charm star flies to center of the chart. it means spreading disease and health issues need to be taken care of. It warn us to keep check of health.

That's why omhealth this year re design 6D hulu and also the brass hulu for u. To remind and plant in good energy.

Don't be surprise the clear heng ball is good to bring light to house.

10) Puti Health seed can be found in Chinatown at 20 cent one. But in shops saw one is $150, how can u tell the difference.

For me is base on trust. Also many who put on palm can feel the bounding energy at first.  Use puti health seeds by hold on hand and do deep breathing daily. In time of stress put near u and pocket.

12) 2016 Emotional balance for star signs can work with heng ball for 2016

People easily get lost, time is difficult because our focus not strong. What is important in life is awakening  (awakening oil important). On ur planetary earth, we don't want to live day by day blur blur.
If between 430pm to 6pm, u can do breathing exercise, u can feel good. In office u can do 478 5 times with the method below. Or chant mantra 9 times.

Emotional heng ball is to balance the emotion with the color for 2016
When blocked, dab the oil on wrist and look at the heng ball and deep breathing.

Pink Heng ball , Strawberry,  Victorian Secret

Taurus: Pink Heng Ball, Rose Apply, Love Miracle blend

Gemini: Yellow Heng Ball, squeeze lemon jucie once a week, lemon eye

Cancer: Clear Heng Ball, Drink water, use Clary Sage oil

Leo: purple heng ball, eat some Purple grape, use Lavendula oil

Virgo: Green Vegetable,

Libra: Blue heng ball and lavender,

Scorpio: Red Heng ball, Dragonfly oil and eat Red Apple.

Sagittarius:  Blue heng ball, eat Plum, Fresh morning oil 

Capricorn: Grey Jing Gang Heng ball, Bryan relax blend, drink coconut water abit

Aquarius: Antique Green, PAF lime use, eat green bean soup

Pisces:  Green heng ball, Rosemary oil use, eat any green vege.

NB: Go for garden walk this year, it can bring a lot balance. When go, bring healing trees oil and Purification Oil. Use it in garden. Feel the energy.

6 th Feb 2016 garden meet 730am , register with mobile. Email class@omhealth.com

13) There are more and more group cult coming up . The reason many people when lost need answer and support. So when weakest time if have a group that look promising human may join and do the wrong things.

Before u listen any Masters etc, do go for a proper school or read up books from the great will do;

Books from Dalai Lama.
Books from 南怀老师 (most respectable teacher)

If those teacher create confusions and fear and also using Buddhist teaching and add this and that , just think ok.

Some say they are God Avartar, and can solve many problems. Lao Shi I am confuse and a lot of procedure to do.

Ans: Look deeper and understand what is truth or not. I am in this line, basically I have come across many many group. If u want to listen talk etc, listen to the wisdom one. Like dalai lama. 

Instead confuse listen here and there, read books from Dalai lama. Super safe and good. Believe if only it make sense. U have to analyse if it make sense when the teaching people give.

A teacher is humble and established and notion of love with no ulterior motives.

Dalai lama says a joke" He says, some people rumours he has healing power, and he says, if he has healing power he wont have to go surgery in hospital. He says when listen to him speech or teaching, listen with wisdom, and not he is a figure of healing etc...: Also careful there are more and more so call swami is not real one.

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