Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Better health with Touch therapy

Life is very unpredictable. When we are healthy time, we dont think of how to maintain good health but we go all the way to indulge in food, experiences, stress, etc...

Until when things happen or family have some people sick , we start to fear.
So is good to understand ways to handle illnesses which everyone needs to go through early. Master or healing master all get sick and etc but is the mind they are trained to handle things well.

There is always a message in an illness.
Is always about your life and how u live your life or what u have gone through in your life or ur past. Sometimes sickness appear is to tell u to " STOP" and asking u to pay attention to your most important things.vSometimes the message is: "Love yourself more. You're giving yourself away." 

Working with Aroma Oil can help tremendously : (u can do the 4 days 
Aroma oil that u can use for touch therapy are

1) Love miracle blend
2) healing trees oil
3) Awakening blend.

For 4 days (gently healing) (wear ur black tourmaline and Tzi pendant if u have)

Tzi pendant is powerful heart balance activator.

Day one (anytime) : Apply healing trees oil bottom of feet. Than Love miracle blend on chest. And relax on bed for 5mins .
Day two : repeat
Day 3 : Apply awakening blend neck shoulders and stomach. Than put ur hand around ur ears (like I dont want to listen position ) and close ur eyes relax shoulders and relax on bed for 5mins.

3 days prep is for ur body to activate the healing energy for touch therapy. Of course u can seperate day to any day if u cant do consecutively. But if 5 mins also no time. I am speechless. Day 4: Apply love miracle blend 2 drops on palm , rub till warm and far away inhale from palm. Than place ur hand on different parts of body as shown here. U can wear a thin cloth when doing this exercise.

This 4 days healing was developed by me for people who have alot of chronic sickness.

Do it before sleep or morning.

If u do in morning: After doing drink the High Mountain Ginger 4 slice in a mug of boiling water (steep 30mins, add honey).

When ur palm is activated, u leave it on different part of body for 3mins each position is really good to activate the energy:> Is like doing accupressure with touch therapy. Touch therapy everyone can do and is base on intention and body self healing energy. But most of us block and lack of this self healing capabilities due to stress. So re flow ur energy ba.

All oil fresh: Dear all the facial Ginseng Mist allow skin to glow, use in office ok.



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