Friday, January 29, 2016

Puti Health Seed

Hi all congratulate for those who have the Nepal Puti Health seed from the talk

Puti Health seed can range from $5 (china) to $200 a bead. And exclusive type can go up to $10000.

Omhealth has Puti Health seeds from $50 to $250 now:>

$50 is good enough:>

we never want to drill thru it this single bead is for using it for breathing exercise.

How to use?

I will put on palm, relax my shoulder and feel the energy on palm.

Longer u hold and rub it, slowly will turn dark brown.

Than hold it and do deep breathing exercise when stress .

Also if sometimes health not so good. U can put a bead in litre of water for 10mins. And use this water to shower.

Below I dont know yet. But I know is good for positive energy

Some experts say it can help: It is Recommended for: Weakness,long term sickness (not cure but encourage body seek treatment and be positive), worries related to personal finance and hopelessness.

Also sometimes if i go Hindu Temple, I will take some ashes from it and rub the bead.

Even u put bead in a nice mini pouch and put bag also ok.


Special Mala where we will drill a hole and design for u base on ur name

Necklace Mala: $1500
21 bead mala: $800


21 bead

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