Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Power project 2016

To light a power coil incense in Ipoh that will last 15 days from cny!
A representative chief of village family friends will be helping omhealth to do it;

Do transfer le and email to cindy; each person name and family represent all le is the heart that count;

I only need 8 person each person is $200 and the funds include helping the poor also ; those who wan donate more can also do that;

For all omhealth readers don't worry if u can't be one of the 8 to donate because i also include u all le and most important thing is u all during the 15 days of cny donate medicine to hospital ok! 

For all who have attended the talk on 24 Jan to let u know a part of mini fees will light a 15 days coil for all of u:)

I make a lot of effort to ensure all who attend have good luck and remember u re very blessed le and whatever challenge I and u face we can handle ok and have faith!

Below is the temple a omhealth committee will help to put the incense !

Please only after transfer to Cindy charity account than email her; ur name is enough and on 1 st day cny just pray and say good things looking at Sky 

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