Thursday, January 14, 2016


Darkness is always there.  If darkness come, it wont go away even u ask them go away, u scream, u shout and angry darkness still there. So we need to have a light.

In life all bad things may happen. We need to learn how to avoid if can.

Ganesha is that light that drive darkness away.

So before u start any project say the mantra below

Om Shree Ganeshaya Namaha

Om ..... Is the sound of Universe. U are om, everyone is Om.

For me, I say Ganesha mantra 9 times and than do my Cundi practice.

Chanting Guan Yin Cundi mantra and Ganesha is a good practice.

Every thought and every movement, if u have Divine Light than u are protected and consciousness.

So be more mindful daily in our life. Let us be rich in material and also spiritually.

Japan and Ganesha欢喜天

Some expert say. It is the Ganesha also in Japan that allow Japan to excel last time

Ganesha’s most popular form in Japan is the dual-Vinayaka or the Embracing Kangi. Two tall figures, elephant headed but human bodied, male and female, stand in embrace. The female wears a jeweled crown, a patched monks robe and a red surplice.

He appears in the Ryoukai mandara 両界 曼荼羅 as an elephant-headed deity called Binayakaten 毘那夜迦天. In China and Japan he came to be revered under the the name of Kangiten. Although in texts, two, four and six-armed forms are mentioned, in Japan Kangiten is usually shown as a pair of two-armed, elephant-headed deities in embrace. Images of Kangiten are rare and many are kept as secret images in temples and shrines. Many are small, and made of metal because his ritual involves pouring oil over the images. The ritual associated with Kangiten was secret and was part of other ritual observances, such as the goshichinichi no mishuhou 後七日の御修法 . In popular worship he signifies conjugal harmony and long life.

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