Thursday, January 28, 2016

Appreciate de de

I just want to say keep things simple;
If u re really trapped now in situations, quiet urself and work with bbc coin or light a coil incense and touch the ruyi tian lu and calm down;

Ruyi Tian Lu is really highly energy and disperse the trapped out from ur mind so u can think what to do.

When a person is calmed down the energy of heaven will send healing rays to u; 
Today i also try to tell my older students don't go fortune telling if possible, if not is getting very stress; good fortune teller have also but u need to have 缘分to find;

I have 乔装 go around research; trust me , there are scary one; but have good one; that was when I was not known in public time; till today I have few very good fsm friends but they don't do le

Few of my old customers follow me ten years ahaah; sometimes human get bored with too simple methods; so went to see fsm, See le trapped more and come back ask me how. And I just point them to

Few kana things 

1) say house don't suit and need change house if not stay will suay
2) yearly must get house items as house door face 凶, each year house item is &380 and need few 
3) need do prayer for tai Sui and thank tainsui but procedure is $388

Sometimes I feel upset when students come back and say sorry and ask how? 

So I point them back to right track; tell u , I have so many students from all walks of life , the case studies they share with me where I post in blog can really reduce ur route to happiness; seeing fsm must be careful if not it create more stress than happiness;

Simplicity is important and if u don't believe anything of my advice is ok just go temple pray urself is good le;)

Life is short I suggest everyone be responsible in giving advices and as a Fs professional do send love compassion and care for people;)

No matter how good fengshui ur house is, u will still need face challenges. If there are any FSM tell u, once have his items u wont feel sad, u wont face any issues in life.... tell me ok:>

Just understand FSM also human. And also I am just Bryan Lao Shi, sharing what I know and hope to help more people in understanding thats life....

Fengshui was from China.... But see China also have up and down de. Some we just selectively be more Wisdom in listening advice.
Consulting too many experts can careate more issues because they have different views and overwhelmed u.

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