Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 2016 Do what la

5th Jan 2016 to 24th Jan 2016

This period is called the renewal energy period. U will feel better. And also u may start throwing away alot of things from house or mentally throw away all negative feelings.

This period use the Magneto heng Scrub more, u will feel really good.

Food to eat for super luck

Kiwi x 1 before 5pm

Soup: Lotus root soup with peanuts boil with few slice of ginger dried and drumsticks
( clear debris of 2015 and bring in rooted new energy for 2016 and clear the negative energy)

Washing machine when wash ur laundry, add 8 drop Canaga oil to the soap liquid. Cleanse ur house cloth power. This is known as Eagle Crawl flowers, crawl out negativity from ur cloth.

When use ur "magic clean wipe floor" the side part put few drops PAF lime. Bring Joy to house.

Office table, put PAF lime 4 drops spray with water and wipe the table and will harness a good energy to ur career.

Massage stomach with lymphatic Oil this January and Feb (or use ur own brand la, my main purpose is to asked u to massage stomach) will bring in 2016 wealth to ur life.

If family Luck blocked, burn wishfufilling coil incense day time and ON the light whole house for 5 mins and turn on YOUTUBE play the Lord Ganesha Song. For other religion, play songs of ur religion.

Shopping for Yourself

If want to get something for yourself 2016

1) Black tourmaline bracelet invest one ba
2) Master healer pendant one ba

NB: Do register the March Health and Beauty with Bryan, it is created for handling the sickness star, so kick start year with a health talk.



This talk is fully full house. All who registered and payment made, u can just come and will mark attendance that day:>

no number will be given this time:>

The talk will have a table call special corners: In the special corners, there will be certain items u can adopt for home which will not be featured in blog:> Do take note.

So thank you and see u all. Do wear nice nice la:> This is like a gathering of good energy talk:>

Slides will be shared. No recording is allowed for the talk thanks for that:> Except approved.



6D and 5D and house items are avaliable now:>

RuYi Fu Tian Lu is a final completion piece that combine with the tian lu and hulu tian lu.

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