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24th Jan 2016 Talk And Temple Visit Project Completed

Hi all

Updated www.omhealth.com/bryanlovetemples.html

those who have registered for 24 January Seminar do come with a happy heart.
This talk takes me 6 months to prepare. is unlike commercial fengshui talk. Is more than that.

Many big companies they have team of staff to do slides and even translation and preparation of speech. But for omhealth... I do everything myself. Now u know why I wake up 5am plus daily.

The website http://omhealth.com/HengProtect2016.htm etc.... to www.omhealth.com/kwanyinma.htm all typing is myself to all slides.

So please dont care for the spelling or language.. Try to put into pieces what I am try to express ok. And u should understand.

Upcoming classes

Pyramid class, Health and beauty and also the Talk Until good luck. Dont miss that, it has many essences of findings in it. http://www.omhealth.com/Bryan2016class.html

New comers: Do not sms or whatsapp or FB me messages as and when u like because I am not PA to one person, i serve the big group, alot of answers can be found in blog. I cant be perfect.

U can email to info@omhealth.com queries . But if beyond my manage level, i let it go. sorry ah. I also need time to rest and spend time for parents.


Directive of Temple Project Completed: 2012 to 2015

In 2015 I make a trip to Pu Tuo Shan China , Ipoh Temple  (meeting with a few accomplished teacher) and to Bangkok . The reason is to learn and verify some techniques. And lately to Ipoh and re-discover the lost art of better luck which is still practice in Ipoh.

2015 was a extremely challenging year for me, facing alot of issues to handle. But is amazingly help from all directions appears.

And infact omhealth has reach new level in business and recognition. Remember no one in the world can escape test and luck challenges. Is the state of mind how to handle it. After u learn all lessons, share with people ur experience and can help more people.

Things that happen to omhealth 2015 was so challenging and yet we successfully celebrated my 18th year anniversary , being first to appear in 8Days event and conduct aromatherapy class. And many more good news for omhealth.

24th Jan 2016 is a workshop that I have conducted for more than 10 years. From a class of 20 at toapayoh Safra to now few hundreds. The main intention is to spread happiness and make things simple.  It takes me 6 month to prepare this workshop because even a ONE minute informations like cleansing house with sandalwood is researched and discussed with different Masters.

Well speaking of Masters and Temples. From 2012 to 2015 omhealth has the honored to work with many, and so many , we learn that simplicity and sincere is the best way to handle luck.
Things dont happen for a no reason for all temple that omhealth organised.

1)  望海大伯公miao
Is an old temple, and i just went in to temple. For normal people like me, they wont allow any event and they really dont know omhealth. But that day we offer 88 coil incense. And end up that day (a Wednesday) the 4 D open 0088 and also is 50 palmer road, open 8850. I think from that day they allow omhealth to have few temple event. In fact that morning on the way to temple, I was thinking aiyo how to tell this temple if i want organise temple walk and they dont know me. Now hor... If u go to this temple and say 88 coil incense they will know me ahahha

2012-2014: Temples has gone thru renovation and restructure. And every year chinese new year we have helped and assist in the donations . Is amazing .

3)Tibetan Temples
A blessings prayers just for all. This is most auspicious. And numerous puja organised for all students wellness.

4)  南海飞来观音庙
In 2012, i was walking along geyland lor 27 .... and the CUndi Guan Yin drawn me. So from that time till now, omhealth has donated Red beans and even organised " Tiger God " prayers and 88 Buddha prayers. Sometimes I wonder one person me, have to handle so many things how I organise?

Reasonly 2015, when I pray in this temple. few Bats appear and keep making some nice noise ahahha.. So infact First in SIngapore Omhealth conducted the Tian Fu Gong Prayers lead by a Taoist Master for Mooncake festival.

This temple remind me of my childhood. Is one of the oldest Da Bo Gong temple in SIngapore. It reminds me of the waterloo Kuan Yin temple as they used to be nearby. SO mom brought me pray in this temple when i was a kid. Is non commercialise and very healing temple to pray to Da Bo Gong


So honored to organised prayers here and we done a Bao Sheng Da Di chop Stamp here. And also prayers to 1000 arms Guan Yin Pu Sa/

8) 3 Main temple at Telok Blangah

3 Oldest temple here as a group we pray. Is also a very great temple to visit

9) 佛牙寺
First time because of one of the students, we have a personal big group blessings for all.

10)Hindu temple at Kreta Ayer area.
Lord Ganesha prayer here.

11) Orchard Buddhist Temple near Kinelly road.

I must say I visited this temple in 2011, that time find that the temple is so strict and accidentally take out phone try snapping some pic but kana say (ahaha very strigent).
The structure of the  building is so beautiful and I heard it was once a temple visited by some "VERY VERY IMPORTANT" person. ANd yes because of my 2-3 years of persistent sincerely pray to the temple and get to know the aunty, she allowed us to have a event in 2015. And fa Lu here ok... Rare.

When i think back. How all this started was in 2012, i was walking along Geyland temple and has a wild thoughts.... why not have a omhealth temple walk and promulagte the beauty of chinese tradition. To now we have successfully completed the 4 years project. And I congratulate all students who attended this temple walk. And dont forget to share with friends and bring them to pray with right intention and attitude.

(Mind the language and spelling, i was doing my slides... and end up doing this blog in a rush and updating the www.omhealth.com/bryanlovetemples.html using a old software, picture by picture took me 3 hours to completed).... Ooops i better go back to my slides for this Sunday.

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