Thursday, January 21, 2016

24th Jan 2016 3 special Items

Hi all, Now preparing packing le, So probably not possible to pack items for u and collect that day. U can either buy that day or dont worry buy during break time. U know buy things heng heng many people good. Or if not u can do shopping cart after the talk:>

24th Jan 2016 is a very special day, is 15th lunar month and auspicious date. Also that day have celebration Thaipusan in many temple. Also omhealth will release animals in JB and also light lamps and shine to all attendees. By just attending is auspicious le.

Do come happily; Face cannot black black if people block ur way or I walk pass u too busy forget say halo. U must understand I one person need to take care stage up and down. 

Ask me questions when break time but not when I am preparing talk. Also auditorium I need do proper cleansing, so when u arrive too early wait abit , not that I dont want let u go in sit ok:>

Bring ur drinking water remember:>

Bryan Lao Shi will personally on stage

Pendant or to hang home for wealth abundance $55

Those interested to get below

1) For those who want adopt Puti Health Seed nepal $80 , select for u.
2) Pendant Master Healer. $220
3) Chakra Mala specially made tie one by one with pearl, coral etc.
4) The pendant of wealth and energy.
5) Black tourmaline bracelet (measure and make )

U can email to for a number to get any above which will call u end of workshop or break time.

Email ur name, and will call u from stage during break time. I will not reply class email this period. But will record ok:>

The Foyer area:

1) Gold tea $28 , Nepal Ginger $20 and Heng Nuts $8 will be sold.

Above each item has limited stock, so when u arrive can get first ba. 2016 Gold tea best to drink. Nepal Ginger many drink le good energy. Heng nuts eat during 4th Feb 2016 and also CNY period will immediately raise the good Ki.

B) The 6D hulu and 5 D coin u can get also here.

C) Special Edition which was launched in 2012 the Elephant Liu Li power activation and Mystic knot is avaliable and the travel Charm.

Information extracted from : St Times

Now to next month middle, a celestial spectacle will be visible to those who look to the eastern horizon at dawn.
Five planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter - will appear together in the sky for the first time in a decade, and they will be visible to the naked eye in the early hours until Feb 20.

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