Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pyramid Healing Class

Pyramid Healing Class is infact a class to thank all old students.
This class is $166 and comes with a pyramid as shown below. But if u have the omhealth pyramid already u can come at $38

This class dont just focus on pyramid but also work with a few healing methods. We work technique combines the breathing techniques, physical postures, and focused goal which in turn cleans and strengthens the life energy. This improves human well-being and by utilizing vibrations or external energy, there are also sound healing techniques which help clear blockage and improves health.
Pyramid Healing Class

1) Works with internal frequency system to balance body and mind. A series of meditation will be work on for the balance of energy.
2) How to use it in daily affirmation to achive balance and wishlist.
3) Geometric Sound system to balance body
4) Yoga breathing techniques for sleep and wellness
5) Energy Healing with basic Sound
6) Pyramid to improve house missing corner fengshui.

This is a healing session to rediscover and renew. Strictly for omhealth students.

U can email now to

28th Feb 2016
930am to 1230pm.
Venue will be notify to u. Is at central area.

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