Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Power brass floor hulu

To thank all set of two ahaha and is pure brass not man made ; so is normal will tarnish or oxidase but won't rust u can polish with aerosol .

Brass Hulu Set of 2 shown here is $55 and comes with gold powder for u to put inside each hulu. U can put them together or separate put.

Brass Hulu can be put floor and for good wellness; we try to reduce sickness star minimum although can't avoid and sometimes what we need to go thru we need to but with Hulu we motivated to find peace with illness - and help to reduce;

Basic of life don't forget is life sickness death ; very important to know the concept so when face any sickness just touch the brass Hulu and say may cure be found and well;

All floor brass Hulu will have this high energy gold powder to put in ! This hulu can be used for 3 years ; the powder contains sandalwood powder and herbs and flower powder ! Power right! Brass Hulu floor is $55 ready Monday! Only 30 available !

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