Monday, December 14, 2015


A tree clash at OC mall 11 Dec, 2 fire at Orchard road plus a hilton roof top.

Aiyo .... what happen le.

Hope everything is ok.

Now every year i mention if is year end. Everything must be extra careful.

Wear ur black tourmaline bracelet. Do more chanting in morning and be more mindful.

Do some detox in morning this few days. Remember those drinks green powder has abit psycllium husk in it:> Drink half a packet before sleep at 10pm.

Also use Essential oil blend in water rinse body.

few drops of purification blend put in cotton carry with u in pockets is a good protection for year end star movements if it affect u.

This now at Guardian i find it good and promotion buy one box get one box free.

I dont follow the instruction. It comes in 15 satchet. For me one satchet divide into two days portion.

I only drink once a week. ahahah .

Instruction is morning one and night one, i think is too much...

Remember after 7 hours first time drink will shit alot and clear the inside shit which u feel not totally clear Is a good product but not my product

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