Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Dong Zhi

Hi all wish everyone happy dong zhi

Hey hey if everyday 50 over email from different clients asking questions.... but each email is like 10 questions and all can be found in blog... but really dont have time to answer... is not rude right.... i hope newbies understand this omhealth is a one man show not a team... So sorry. is beyond my capability to answer all email and messages. Because if I do... i end up no life le... I work so much blog and articles. Everyone has an issues but really, keep things simple and take a deep breathing... and read blog. Thank u again .:>

I hope u understand daily I spend most time write article to help many. And also i need time to do my work and also my workshops. So apology for the incompetency :>

regards Bryan Lao Shi.

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