Friday, December 11, 2015

Good Luck Students

All students remember Monthly Fly Star and U.

This Month number 4 star to center is wood enter earth. So can be abit tiring and happening. But is ok. Stay positive. Using some water is good like going for a swim is good. If not spray the Tranquility Spray this month in living room is super good. Can bring new career and business luck.

Oil to use more this month is Fresh Morning oil inhale from tissue in morning

few drops to tissue or cotton put pocket. Activate the star of romance and promotion and good work.

This month is good to eat green vegetable if u wan extra luck in work . U can drink green juice. Also u wan this month buy a potted plant put house or office also good.
It will help in ur career luck and also romance luck proper one for Singles.

If u want celebration happy luck to family, look for north and south of house and check is it clean and tidy. And spray protection spray.

If house health no good this month, check east of bedroom or living room is it clean and tidy (if not tidy up), hang your Tianlu Hulu here for this month (the power of this tianlu hulu)

12 Animal Monthly:>
This month rat and horse super good luck. Use Cypress oil shower final rinse
Rabbit health so so, can carry more the tianlu hulu and also use ten spice oil and auric roller
Rooster if u wan make use of good luck, use Fresh morning oil and ravasana oil this month.
Ox and tiger careful to have fight and quarrel and keep ur wallet proper, u can carry BBC coin more this month. Using purification oil is power for u this month
Dog and Pig if travel pray first, also carry or wear any omhealth bracelet more this month and also CUndi pendant
Sheep and monkey activate ur wealth luck using Tangerine oil, also if are stupid type, this month use rosemary oil can make u smarter.
Snake and dragon if alot gossip , wear some red and use Gui ren bag and use awaken oil.

Food to eat this month is Kiwi (green meat type).
Ginger water morning to reduce misunderstanding

Reminder (NOW u know why u do 21OM)
From now Morning for all U can:

Simple words to say Morning:
a) 21 OM;
b) Than say :" Oh Lord Ganesha please remove obstacles for me and let me be a happy person with love and compassion and Wisdom. Ommmmmm Thank you."
c)Than u can do ur Kwan Yin Mantra or any mantras and prayers.

A) Make prayers to Lord Ganesha, U can go to the temple beside Kwan Yin Temple and pray to lord ganesha and donate a $2 in the box donations or light some lamp
(clearing obstacles)

Want to know more Lord ganesha how He help many people

Make things simple.
Attired in a an orange dhoti, an elephant-headed man sits on a large lotus. His body is red in colour and he wears various golden necklaces and bracelets and a snake around his neck. On the three points of his crown, budding lotuses have been fixed. He holds in his two right hands the rosary (lower hand) and a cup filled with three modakas (round yellow sweets), a fourth modaka held by the curving trunk is just about to be tasted. In his two left hands, he holds a lotus above and an axe below, with its handle leaning against his shoulder.
In this era now, really if we pray to Lord Ganesha follow by ur own prayer is good. (lord Ganesha adopted by Buddhism and Taoism friends is very long History le). U go Loyang Da Bo Gong temple can find big Lord Ganesha statue also. I meet many master and this year all share can pray lord Ganesha and he is very loving kindness and Compassion

Sometimes when u really stress till cant make it and obstacles non stop. Just relax and talk to lord Ganesha, also OM is related to Lord Ganesha..

Once obstacles clear all good energy good to manifest but remember to do good and speak kindness.

B) Chant mantra daily morning Kwan Yin mantra or Cundi Mantra

C) Be happy and eat kiwi before 3pm

Dear all illness star strikes all in 2016 I have 2 class u can come

1) Health and Beauty with Bryan to break illness star See the class website and register

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