Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Eagle Claw Flower

I learnt about eagle claw flower from a master who was that time 70 years old in 2011.

In shopping cart Cananga Essential Oil $45

That time he pass me a packet of flowers and say if shower with flowers need to have this Eagle claw flowers than it will works wonder.

After 4 years omhealth launched the first Eagle claw flower in Singapore at $45

This flower beside using for cleansing of aura. When go to weird place come back home, can use canaga mix with 5 element oil final rinse

  • Improves Skin texture
It has balancing effect to the skin, making it compatible to any skin type. It will soothe sunburn, insect bites, rashes, and any sort of irritated skin.
4 drops to 15ml rice bran oil or jojoba oil. Blended use for body.
  • Treats Seborrhoeic Eczema
. Seborrhoea or seborrhoeic eczema is a health disorder that has a huge impact on your skin. This condition causes irregular sebum production, which affects the epidermal cells. The skin turns a pale yellow and peels off. The affected parts are usually the cheeks and scalp. Cananga essential oil is known to be an effective treatment as it regulates sebum production and fights the skin inflammation.
4 drops canagan and 3 drops lavendula and 2 drop manuka in 20ml rice bran oil. massage the affected area (optional add 2 drop peppermint)
  • Heals injury skinnds
Cananga essential oil is also a well-used topical antiseptic that is applied to wounds to prevent infections. Chinese healers recommend applying the oil (diluted in jojoba or rice bran oil) to the surrounding skin, and not directly to the wound itself. The antiseptic substances of the oil will penetrate skin tissues and prevent the wound from becoming septic.

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