Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why I have this few stones for 2015 to 2025 Energy

1) Healing Set amethyst pointer EMF energy and two selenite : $68
2)Amber: Stomach Absorb negative energy
3) JET: Ground and dissolve negative in body.

U dont have to get all. But some get
1) healing set alone . can attune ur tired mind.
Activated by bryan to bring Energy of calmness and draws out stress from body and mind.

2) Amber is like pine resin for people who lack confidence and always health not very good. But make an effort put stomach 10mins daily for 21 days. It draws out negativity and ground ur energy.

Some of my 21 Stones prescription u all can do below formation also

3) JET: Anchor all energy of body and bring peace.

FULL SET above can be used to heal

A) Healing the heart from lost of  love one
B) Detach negative Qi from the body (must do 21 days)
C) Improves digestive problems (10 mins a day for 7 day)


Do u know in Overseas they have crystal healing so popular. But it will never come to Singapore or is charged $300 a session. I bring in self healing for many activated the stones in highest energy. Enjoy ok.
21 Stone prescription is my happiest moment.

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