Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Welcome Goat Year Talk

Hi all, this is the 15th year of giving this yearly talk.

Since 2008 I never like to put down the topics because i delliver according to energy and what is needed for the year.

U know every talk the Iching calculation what to give is prepared till the week before the 1st FEB 2015. Lao Shi old le ahahah need more time now.

Definitely this talk is fun and informative.

For new comers, u must read my : BankAccount (label beside) in this blog and,


Welcome 2015 talk is a GOOD POWER one with blessings from many masters.
Topics include
1) A 10mins blessings for parents and dedicate them merits.
2) How to handle bad luck star in 2015
3) And power Qi exercise for 2015
Many more  ..... for those who follow me 10 years and kept coming back u know is good ahaha.
4) Adoption of limited edition 2 items only avalaible in the talk blessed in 4th Jan 2015 ( a very very powerful item which u love the workmanship, for those interested, will not be shown in blog now as will have copycates very fast) This item is $68 each.

Fees: $39
Email with name and mobile to
Payment transfer to POSB saving 033485310, once payment made email le , u will receive a number for that day.

NB:  During my this talk, i dislike people who are not in order , or scold my volunteers . This is very important. They are just helping. So politeness in this talk is important.
Luckily so far all of u very sweet and considerate.

Daily Motivational Email:

Oh just a simple reply for a lady who email to me early this year:

She go temple pray one day ownself and bless by high monk and do charity.
Than when home she had a fall. She think why pray already still fall down. Than she recalled (from my blog teaching)  is exhausting bad karma and must be determined will have luck.

She than chant Cundi mantra quickly. That week , she felt calm, even swollen legs she felt so happy and also got a news her son exam good results. Inner peace also because she was working like crazy for a year and never have good sleep. During this period she slept well because cant go work. And her insomnia problems recovered along with legs.

[ I tell, alot of time we know why we have that health issues, but we refuse to change so a small illness is a wake up for u ]

I love people who find positive energy. Life is full of surprise. Some people when go temple or attend a ritual after that abit obstacles or sickness didn't know is exhausting bad karma but find blames are very very bad because u never thank the energy helping u. U stay in ur own state. So wake up.

That is why I ask u all to do alot of mantra as it train ur mind and whenever things happen, u can react and when chant very effective.

Incense method of training the Mind

A) Cleanse the home, then purify.--- KM yan set
B) Wash Toilet
C) Light the coil incense (sandalwood or my agarwood)in living room. Look at the smoke chant mantra.
D) Perform reflection and make a vow to be a better person
E) Forgive the people and situation by looking at the incense.

Sandalwood Pagoda Incense: Good to clear stagnant energy and bring in Good Qi to house.
Agarwood  Pagoda Incense: Affect the body deep level, severe ties with difficult people and situations and wont affect ur luck again.


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