Sunday, November 23, 2014

Coil Incense from Omhealth Bryan

Coil incense tested by INSIGH LAB SINGAPORE

DO you know incense was actually very healing when make of real herbs etc. But because of it is good. Many countries produce very poor quality incense as mass productions. Some branded also produce for fragrance.

Incense are used in the world now. But now, many incense were of poor quality. I tell which temple use good incense when in prayers is the Buddha relics temple, Balestier Kwan Yin Temple. They still use incense herbs.

Poor incense produces compound that when burn is no good for health. U know those red yellow orange incense, when burn u can see the color smoke terrible. In tibet do u know during SARS period, people burn the 31 herbs incense stick to heal and strengthen body.

The safeness and non-addictiveness is only true for 100% natural plant-based incense. Any incense that contains synthetic materials or is burned using charcoal may have undesirable effects on the body.

Test Report out

Free from

Migratable Heavy Metals like

i) Mercury
ii) Lead
iii) Arsenic
iv) Chromium
v) Cadmium

Both Coil Incense is the baby of Omhealth and well tested.

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