Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another lunch for elderly

Last week finish talk for the 958 and I decided to take some of my talk fees to sponsors lunch for elderly;

U know why?

Miracle happens; I lost my voice totally on Saturday and mid night I woke up and pray to Kwan yin Pusa for my intention for the talk is to spread knowledge and help people!
And one hour before talk my voice came back and on stage was loud and clear with 600 attendees loving the talk!

Also represent Singapore in natural therapy and on stage with a professor and a doctor!

To thank Guan yin Pusa so I have another round of lunch for elderly this month;

I want to tell u; if u pray with sincere heart it will be answered! I lost my voice after that day and now come back le ahaha!

One hour of Kwan yin voice on Sunday was miracles!

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