Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Agarwood Incense Launched

This incense is launched and will be ready by Monday with Label.

The finest quality that emit from the incense is amazing. Is not like telling u " IS AGARWOOD" because many commercial use fragrant so the scent too obvious strong and at first smell nice but later abit too much.

This one from Omhealth, is so gentle with love. The smoke that emit out is like a cloud of peace and happiness. Try it u will know.

Do you know when burn Chen Xiang abit , it can activate a person Tian Yi (天医)luck. Which is about health. This is known as Heavenly Door in fengshui.

Do u know Yves Saint Laurent and Amouage use Aloeswood in their top perfumes as a base. The wood is carved as settings for precious stones and Aloeswood is an excellent wood for sculptures and carvings In Japan, Aloeswood is used in a complex fragrance guessing game called koh-do, part of the ceremonial appreciation of incense adopted from the Chinese, who still use the expression wenxiang, "listening to the incense."

  • Ayurvedic, Arabic, Sufi, Unanai, Tibetan and Chinese physicians have all used agarwood in their practice to treat various diseases including mental illness. 
  • King Louis XIV of France had his shirts washed in rose water in which agarwood had been previously boiled. 
  • Samurai warriors scented their armour with agarwood smoke for luck before going to battle. 

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