Thursday, November 13, 2014

13 Nov Auspicious Day

Today is a very auspicious day as the merits accumulate is multiply billions time.
Every year today of the ninth month of the Tibetan Calendar, Bhutan celebrates the Descent of Buddha from Heaven. 

Many advise me to chant mantra, pray and pray etc... hmmm i do everyday. But if ur heart think " Oh today merits multiply, i chant alot good, will help my work, business  etc.. "... 

Ahhhhh than is out of greediness and only think of yourself, u chant.... Nope this is not right...  Today is a day of reflections also , ur notebook (did u write with Gold Pen)?

Chanting today is , Yes merits will multiply, but our intentions and motivations must be correct. Beside for urself and you must also dedicate to all beings who are sufferings.

I tell u , me too last time when come to all these special dates, will do alot, than i think.... am I doing for myself or am i out of compassion. We are all human, so as long as we are aware important, aiya abit greedy is ok la, if no greedy, u not human le.So u aware, u abit greedy but u do good also, ok la, u slowly become better and better....

When u and me more rich, we can do more and many more. So dont be afraid to ask for wealth.  I want u all every blog readers to be rich. That is why many of my students getting richer and help out in society. And u too will be rich and happy.
Female more pretty, male more handsome everyday. As good heart brings good look. And bad people who see us, they melt and be motivated.

Remember every ugly bad heart people u meet is a test from heaven. So dont curse people ok. They can serve as a project for u. Once project complete u rise to new level. That is why some people, they change job from A to B to C, always ,meet bad people, is not luck, is ur character, either u cant let go or u never learn.

So u must bath with Salt water and 5 element oil, chant cundi mantra.

U can order ur cundi pendant today as I will activate 20 of them.

Set ur intention right everyday ok. than is meaningful

Shakyamuni's Descent from the Heaven of 33 - Lha Bab Düchen
The 22nd of the 9th month, 'Buddha Shakyamuni's Descent from the Heaven of 33' is celebrated. Buddha's mother had been reborn in Indra's heaven. 

To repay her kindness and to benefit the gods, Buddha spent three months teaching in the Heaven of 33. This is not as often stated, in Tushita heaven; 

Tushita is the realm where the Buddha lived before he descended to Earth. Possibly somewhat confusing can be that one week before, on the 15th of the 9th month, it is celebrated that he accepted to return from the Heaven of 33.

Is a very auspicious day today. I know every day must do good deeds. But today do, has extra meaning.

Bryan Lao Shi Charity Group today open for donation by , adviser Cindy

to donate : 
1) Medicine so help elderly
2) Food for elderly
3) Temple Building Construction
4) Coffins related project
5) Specific Puja for All beings for world peace

For students u all can donate le (even $5 or $10 is a heart), others if u just know me not comfy to pass to cindy (new comers), u ownself do donation. We are just doing a favor and zero profit.

Human do Heaven See. So aiyo must be very careful. And without Cindy family I cant coordinate this.

Today I will also light candles for all Heng ball, crystals and my items owners and wish u all continue good luck.

Email to once u have 

transferred to Cindy at 

POSB saving 023 079267

Cindy and me working, so email takes time to reply. Also Later I need to rush to temple light candles. So dont chase us hor, email will reply de.

Dont transfer to me! Open till 3pm today.

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