Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thank You ALL: Special Tips.

Thank You All for the wonderful birthday wishes.

I look back, is a long way and we have been together at all times to motivate each other. Without your support, my research cant continue. Because of your trust and sharing your problems with me. I am able to receive teachings from many Masters and share with you to improve your life and also whatever situation u are in be firm. One day u will know what I mean.

28 years of hardship I have been thru to achieve this. And I proudly tell you. A simple prayers to Guan Yin Ma, your prayers will not be wasted. One day u look back. All situations happen for a reason. Dont be despair ok.

Eclipse Le

Four years once, and this time is represent rebirth and transformations. U wont be surprise to see things break or renew this month. Personal cleansing can help to renew your energy.

Bath your self with 5 element oil, Smudge your house with KM yan set. Feel the energy

In 2014 Fengshui talk, I told u many times this year tai Sui is holding a musical instruments. And if luck is blocked, u can go sing KOK once.

I always use simple method to help u. Try it, dont just read. U see, now i organise a band this year to sing have reason one.

Eclipse is prayer month, accumulate good merits and Qi to handle 2015. U dont forget ok.

At all times if luck abit block, eat any red bean related products !!! u can feel the Qi Change. Red Bean related products eat between 12pm to 3pm anyday this month can change your QI!

At Office rub table with PAF lime 5 drops and put tissue near table. And buy red bean related products for colleagues eat can activate the star of Office Luck Star Gua Number 1120394.  It can greatlt boost your ren yuan.

Wen Cang pagoda pen this month carry, walao can feel the good luck come, and any bad luck may surface and u handle it, like detox. 

11 October Wang hai Temple: Is a very powerful 1/2 hour prayers organised. Come ba. Do register so I can submit names for prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bryan "Happy birthday"wish you all the best to your life, excellent health and everything u need. Blessed with joy n have a nice celebration today. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, thanks for everything u do=)