Monday, October 27, 2014

Power items ready le

Bryan will have master carved kwan Yin Jade between, $380 to $680.Only 4 pieces and all nice. Will choose for u and select for u.

Every year end will have this service. Interested sms to 94895606.

9 eye dzi set in pure gold. $800 for collections. Wonderful as a treasure for family.

Very big Dzi with alot of Cinnabar grow in it. Is for hanging at wooden stand. Is very rare. $680 a piece. One only.

Power Bracelet: $188, minerals with many kinds in it to bring prosperity and happiness back to ur life.

Power bracelet with amethyst and the minerals , it bring alertness and calm the mind of course many auspicious happenings.

All time famous black tourmlaine version 3. U can read alot about black tourmaline design only by Bryan Lao Shi. This design heaven earth was made popular by me and is only one selling for this quality of dzi. $338 to $380, few are $480

Cundi Pendant ready le 

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