Sunday, September 7, 2014

A powerful Charcoal awaits to purify ur environment.

I have few new products, dear all, buy only if u need to ok:> My channel for sales is blog to share with people also is my business.

All items are properly activated with love and light. Enjoy ok.

Bryan Lao Shi activated Round bamboo charcoal help to dissolve bad qi at home or office.And is a good gift as it is associated with longevity and durability as it flourishes throughout the year. 

Charcoal generates a strong soil chi and mirrors the five-element cycle of wood, fire, soil.

Chinese believes it wards off malign spirits.

The matt-black porous surface of charcoal means that it readily absorbs chi and can therefore be helpful wherever you want to pull the chi down.

Try it if you feel over-emotional or find that you have frequent unnecessary arguments, touch with both hand.

  • Many electrical appliances emit electromagnetic radiation that can raise your body temperature and cause tiredness. Bamboo Charcoal absorbs this radiation, helping to improve the environment in your home and office.

Bamboo charcoal can generate a good amount of negative (more precisely, negative-charged) ions, which have the property of giving electrons to nearby matters while the charcoal adsorbs positive ions. The air we breathe in is full of charged particles, and bamboo charcoal gives electrons to such particles, making the air richer in negative ions than in positive ions. Various experiences have shown that air rich in negative ions makes us feel better.

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