Sunday, January 13, 2013

What happent to Singa/...

Qi is already not good le, everywhere we heard complaint... in Sg now, want to have rich people also not easy.. Bryan will share how to breakthrough living here and ahhaha what is best mantra to chant for 2013 for us. And how to re activate the Dragon Blood veins in SG.

26th Jan 2013 the talk will include prayers for all attendees and also good luck tea to drink from millionares... etc... U will feel luck. Come with happiness. Also will share mantra singing method: if time permits:>

Seems that this year alot of complaint about the gover...t. Chinatown decor , looks like ancestor joss paper (Newspaper say one hor) also kana complaint.

All this youngster anyhow design... I also speechless.

Havn't Chinese new year already kana complaints by people...

Healing remedies:

Today I have Pu er tea with Kwan Yin :> Pu er brings good luck u know for this 20 years:>

I am inviting 14th generation tea house in Singapore to make tea for us on that day. I no profit or spokesman... They well established and super power family... Really have face de......

I requested them to bring some puer. Is for ur ease of buying. So up to u to buy. But if the 14th Generation come down the boss... if can get from him, wont it be lucky ahahaha

26th Jan u all must smile to me more ok: I really put in my heart and mind and all effort for this seminar....

My principle in business is: My customer good luck, I also good luck. Do things , do all the way for customers. Be direct in sms or email... no need be so friendly like marketing. Short and sharp but big activities of healing behind. I today sincerely apology to all who I reply ur sms one word only but I put in alot of effort and consider ur info and share here.

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