Monday, January 14, 2013

WealthBowl And When to put items

A) Cleansing date for wealthbowl / Last year house items/Disposal of 2012 6 D coin and 5 D( really absorb alot negative for u all le):  18th, 19th,24th,27th, 30 and 31 Jan 2013; Before 1pm.

Disposal of coins and TaiSui coin, can just put in red packet and throw in shopping mall recycle bin

6 d coin if handle alot things, must change ah. But if u put in drawers , u can put another year. maz is 2 years ok:>

Wealthbowl cleansing simple, can pour out all things on wet cloth and dap can le.
18 wealthbowl make yearly, can order le:>

B) Gui ren bag, Fu Qi Coin and Flower coin (past 5 years one can reuse forever)
Re activate by running over KM Yan set on 24th Jan and make wish at 25th Jan
(holding them and say " 天地人合,天官赐福,百无禁忌" say 3 times . holding ur items.

C) Last year house item can re use and cleanse by 5 element oil dry wipe with tissue

D) When to put wealthbowl (new one ) and hang all house items and 6 d 5 d.

4th to 10th of feb 2013 before 1pm. After put can drink red dates tea , or make red date tea urself with ur own kitchen stove , will activate the house qi and family qi

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