Thursday, January 10, 2013

Please take note:> 26th Jan attendees

Ahhhhhh forget today have radio 10am fm 972... come listen ok.

26th Jan2013 is my Snake year talk. I selected that day because I include alot prayers for all and is according to my 6636 calculation date. Who knows... election day. So to me is a royal day ahaha..
Luckily never affect my talk.

That day, 26th Jan 2013... report at 9:15am and be seated  between 930am to 945am. The talk will end around 1pm. I got go order biscuits and sweets for u all. I scare u all hungry. Please take breakfast.

Must smile that day.. When see me say good luck words. I will say back to u and u will enjoy super luck.

I tell you that day, u attend, will be luckly whole year because I implant alot of good qi pattern for all attendees. And alot of famous High masters will help to send highest energy to all attendees at 10am sharp that day. So on 10am sharp, remind me on stage and will receive the blessings.

I have decided not to print notes le because all the time I put in , every year waste alot of paper. So if u bring ur friends come, tell them this website. Also I will not waste your time to talk about
A) 12 animal sign (is so not cool to waste a talk time on 2 hours on these)
B) Flying star (No matter how it flies, a 5 d and 6 d best remedies and simple, no need follow those FSM every year come out new toy and each star to handle cost $100 to 300 ... waste alot money)

Main items that day
1) The famous once a year $15 red paper. (activated in temples)
2) Mini Ammonite immerse in healing water at $18 each (rare rainbow)
3) Special edition Jade
4) Aroma oil and skincare will be available

I will give all some courier paper, so certain item dont have or u find too crowded, u can write in courier paper and will courier u.

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