Saturday, January 19, 2013

26th Jan 2013

Welcome Snake Year Talk :  SMILE THAT DAY: A talk that  DARE to be different: A sincere hearto heart talk:

NTUC Business Centre 1 Marina Boulevard Level 7    

map: or find urself.                                                               

A) All who have registered: I confirm now because no time to contact one by one.
B) Please eat breakfast. Must bring drinking water (got reason one, small bottle can)
C) Report 9am for registration, actual go into hall is 9:30am
D) Be happy; every  moment that day is blessed by many masters from local and overseas.
E) Blessings that day arranged for all at 10am sharp , so yourself in ur heart can make wish . A Powerful Buddhist Music and combine to do open luck qi gong advised by Masters. So 600 attendees do together. Other religion u can do because is body movements and music use is CNY ma.
F) Content of course include Prayers method and Chinese Temple.. So other religion can attend with open mind:>h
G) Those with neckaches etc, 3 oil with cream on tables, u can press and use on ur neck shoulders.

Courier paper available if u prefer to buy things by writing on courier paper and courier to u. If not items available are

a) gui ren bags, flower coin, fuqi coin, 5D coin, 6 D coin, Cundi pendant, elephant sets, mystic knot, red paper ($15 must have), ammonite $18.

b) 5 element oil, Pomelo Oil, Healing Trees Oil, Nutmeg oil, Kiff Lime

Bryan Lao Shi Words: Everytime workshop I try to be perfectionist, worry alot. like what if, certain religion dont like etc... than I think today. Many come already know is  a FS talk of thousand years CHINESE NEW YEAR talk. As long as I can share how to good luck can le.

NB: Oh I was affected ten years ago ;

People of another religion: " Bryan lao shi can u modify ur chinese new year talk with no praying contents and less chinese methods.

ME: I was like... so i ignore her . But my friends teach me for past ten years to let people know what is the talk about. So I think CNY talk one words cover all I want to teach and share....And unhappiness, is very not regretted ahahahha.

remember if ur religion disallow u attend any CNY FS talk than dont come. Just have fait h ur with ur religion. All are same. Love and Compassion and Wisdom.

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