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Healing Blend avaliable for September 2016

Any way many ask me where is the essential oil list is at Shopping cart and also product details at http://omhealth.com/omhealthproductdetails.html

omhealth is managed by one person call Bryan lao Shi. Alot of times email per day on questions that can be found here is 100 over. And if i spend time reply email, i will lost my freedom to enjoy my passion. So a product list is produced and also shopping cart is there for u to order ww.omhealth.com/shopping_cart .

Time has changed, where information is easy to find. Thank u So much. Not that i dont want to answer email sometimes. But if u put urself in my shoes, beside doing video for u, blog for 10 years frequent updates, seminars, radio , magazine... what more do I have the "me: time right ahahah. So apprecite my effort of daily update of blog .

Bryan Lao Shi Famous Personalised Healing Blend( for massage neck shoulder and chest)

Each bottle is $45, Lifespan 3 months from the day u receive.

To order: Email your name, issues, Star SIgn (like libra etc) and concerns to

orders@omhealth.com ;

Will blend according to ancient art of Aromatherapy from a list of exotic herbs and flowers.

Courier will be done for order at $80, so u can include an item more ba.
(Outside hor, consultation and blend is $180 le)

Healing is possible if you allow: Affirmation is maximise when combine with healing blend dedicate just for you.

Back in Australia 2001, I used to blend specific oil from people base on their auric needs. Is to activate the healing energy of your body system. Energy work and "soul therapy" that supports you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Vibrational medicine is known as 'subtle aromatherapy' because it relates to our sense of smell.
Like the universe, which is never still, every one of our cells vibrates with its own life and this vibration is reflected in our health and our own experiences of life. The purpose of vibrational medicine is to change a cell's vibration, where it has become unbalanced, to its correct form. This correction of cellular vibration also assists in the correction of any imbalances in the corresponding energy chakras.

Healing Blend for YOU: (from today)

Healing Oil Blend:

 This blend is called "living essences", and they work directly and specifically with the person using them, attuning themselves to the individual. It is an ancient system of healing remembered. Plants kingdoms is a system of knowledge that aligned to universal wisdom based on Divine knowledge energy patterns, numerology, sacred geometry, (atomic structural patterns to existence) and others.
 This universal code of flowers assists in revealing the deeper experience of the self. Some essential oil bottles to offer a specific healing for specific personality disorders. The color wavelengths that are found in the three kingdoms mentioned above, color, plant, vibrationally allow for energetic support, fine tuning the body's awareness and the mind's clarity.

A rare mixture of with peaceful and harmonizing vibrations that is instilled in to this preparation. The result of all these is a very pure golden oil that carries very high vibrations capable of reducing stress induced aging and many beauty enhancing properties. The beauty of this process is that the transformation that takes place are not only from the surface but are from inside as well.
  1. Some of the benefits are:
  2. Rejuvenates and revitalizes you from within.
  3. Relieves stress. Stress less body is the most important factor for achieving beauty
  4. Healing for entire body with Aura of sun gives vitality
  5. Gives attraction, influence and charisma
 Ways of Using:

A)   Apply the oil on both palms, massaging the wrist area while taking deep breaths. The energy from the oil will flow thru the meridians, removing stress energy and replacing it with calm light energy. Do this as frequently as needed.

Power Way to USE Blending Method:

Place 3-5 drops on the left wrist and gently rub wrists together. Extend the arms above the head, giving the energies away to the world. Have a feeling for angel’s wings extending from the arms and from the spine, the wings of the astral field. Then gently bring the hands in, and cross the wrists over the crown. Have a feeling for what is happening as you do this.
Now continue to open and close your wings, letting your arms come down so that the wrists cross over each of the energy centres – the brow, the throat – before coming to rest at the heart. Resting at the heart for a moment…and in your own time, when you are ready, continue to move the arms down, crossing the wrists over the solar plexus, , all the way down to Mother Earth.
Then, spinning the hands in a backward spiral, as if a car wheel were reversing, bring the hands all the way up the front of the body before once again giving the energies away to the world. Finally, bring the palms together at the forehead, and inhale the quintessence three times, deeply into your own temple.

Common way of using healing oil for acupressure  :http://www.omhealth.com/fuqi2013.htm#acupressureluck

Bryan in 2004

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