Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crystal Healing and Cundi Mantra

Cundi Mantra personally I have experienced and see many also experience the compassionate energy from chanting. I remember once a couple having some relationship problems, work with this mantra. Also sometimes when u chant for long, if people do bad things behind u, u will know who and the bad people will learn their lessons..... (Last case was a husband try to cheat the wife, the wife suspect but no eviden and so sad, so I suggest her chant cundi mantra faithfully, guess what....? ) Hmmm shall not say too much le, I hope u all chant this cundi mantra is to cultivate. Is really good u know:>

It happens to me too, many years ago where I have a sore throat that just go away with any antibiotics. So I apply lavender direct to my throat. And put some crystal near throat..... Good effects

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