Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just chant the mantra daily :>

Most of you would know my working style, I will not disclose any information even from Masters unless proper research is done. This is Public Responsibilties. We knew if a member in the family have cancer(touch wood)...the whole family will break down.

Past 2 years ago, I was very very tempted to teach this mantra but my research was not completed, so I only teach friends. Last year, one of my close friend was dignosed of cancer.....and he was taught this mantra. Believe it a not, he actually recovered and doctors were shocked too. Today, I announced I have complete my research. After watching this video, you can learn the mantra at

For now, just learn the mantra first. When you have more time, read the "Poems", which is also found in the above website.
Erm erm.....Doing two things at the same time is not easy....I have to hold my camera as I teach so I make it simple. Hope you will bear with me. Thank you

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