Friday, June 30, 2017

Powerful Information Release (written in 2010, modify for 2017)


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Today the Big Jing Gang Ball.

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Below Articles is compiled from 2008 to 2017:

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Today Friday 30th June 2017 is known as the Heaven Door Open Day. For few thousands of years, many important people including the ancient emperors observed this day as a very important day. (Hey hey I am very serious about this research.)

Ti Gong is very compassionate and this day, will ride with dragons and an army of Gods to inspect the earth and help people who are sincere and improve to better luck.

Strong intention of

1) Repent and regret own wrong doing is important

2) U can Chant any mantra and dedicate to all beings (chant 108 times). And also dedicate to Ti Gong

3) Than for those whose parents are around, chant Amitabha and dedicate to their health and well being and thank them for their love and not to take for granted. Those parents who are not around, chant 108 time Namo Amitabha dedicate to them for peace and happiness.

Alot of people do alot of things to gain merits but the basic of 饮水思源 is important. Some people can here pray there pray but zero effect. I always ask them, have u take care of ur parents and even u dont have time to pray there will be auto blessings. 

Spend some time to do prayers for parents and if those parents still around, spend some time for them is important. No one in this world care for us without condition like our parents.

A Master advise on Pets Cemetry at home.

U can cry for ur pets, set up small tomb at home for ur pet, but first ask, did u honor ur ancestor first. This energy alot youngster must take note. Once a very old master says" Nowadays youngster, set up a small mini cemertry for pets at home, this create Yin energy , for some health may be affected. Because ur own ancestor, u also never pray proper and u put ur focus on ur pet "funeral".

One of the reason I see many not 顺。

I think what the master try to say is, do honor ur ancestor and gratitude.

Remember Heaven Door Open Day:

U can choose to go temple burn some Ti Gong Joss paper. Or as simple as lighting some incense at home and than look at the Sky Says

Dear Ti Gong: My Name is Heng Ga Gao Gao

Today is Heaven Door open day, I would like to express my thanks for all I have in life and thank you. I would like to confess the negative actions and thoughts I have accumulated and I would ask for forgiveness and slowly become a better person. Thank You. I would ask for blessings to my parents and family . Thank You.

Extra Procedure:

Cleanse your office with a combination of any oil here or 5 element oil. Touch all ur crystals and rub some oil on it. It will vibrates at very good energy.

1) Purification Blend, 5 element oil, Cypress Oil, Hinoki (u can order now is rare)


Below are some more elaborate ways.

A 2010 Article below:

Early this morning, a very old compassionate 师姑 called to remind me to share with people about this Heaven Door Open Day because it will help many who suffers from chronic illnesses, bad luck for a long long time and with many blessing. (The aunty's friend once saw the Heaven door opened when looked up the sky). Remember all of you deserved to be happy and good luck if you are a good person. So let the Heaven Door Open Day release your worries ok :)

The Heaven Door Open Day falls on  7th Day of every 6th Lunar Month 六月初七. This is a day Where the Gate of Heaven Open. Jade Emperor together with all the Gods, Fairies , Angels will gather and bestowed blessing onto people. For me, I feel the energy of this day. For some who have Yin Yang eyes, do look up the sky and tell me what you saw.

In scientific terms, you can explain it as the gravitational pull, the stars alignment increases the magnetic force of certain wavelength. This wave length can heal stress and pain. Brings happiness to one. Its applies the same theory of using magnets on our body or use acupuncture to improve the "Qi" of the body, this healing "Qi" is now flowing freely in the heaven for a day.

Have experienced many different encounters in luck over the years, I really wish to help more people whether you believe it a not. I believed.

What should we do?

For omhealth blog readers and no knowldge of JOss Paper:

A) Bath yourself with 5 elements oil. Light Kim's sandalwood powder to invite happiness to your house.

B) Look up the sky, say out your name and SMILE. Give thanks to what you have now. Thereafter, say out your problems, health conditions and ask for blessing.

C) You can hold your crystals to enhance the blessing.

This is a proven method to improve health, luck and personal developement.

For other religions:

Just look up the sky and do some prayers. Treat this day as everyday, except that the EMF "Qi" is stronger on this day :)

Students who have attended "大家拜拜来好运" Da Jia Bai Bai Lai Hao 

USe ur Joss paper Power.

Although my English is not very good. I hope you can feel my sincerity to share my knowledge and learnings. Hopefully those who have sufffered for a long time in your life, can look up to the sky this day please. For those who are very good luck, look up to the sky too. Give thanks and smile.


Heaven Door Open Day - I will further activate all my mala and crystals. You can place your order now to receive by courier on that day. If you have any crystals, SUN it for 5 mins on this day. CHEERS.

2008 Article

History Research.

The Chinese has observed this day for more than thousand of years. Even before the birth of many Religious leaders including 乾隆Qing Dynasty emperor (most powerful era) talked about this day. Many heard and see the signs of Heaven Door Open. I don't call it superstitious but rather, auspicious.

[If Moses can reached out his hand over the Red Sea. And with great power, God pushed aside the waters, and blew a mighty wind that divided the sea in half! ]
 Yes. I believed in miracles.
Things I cannot see or explain but has been passed down for thousand years, there must be a reason for it. Use our wisdom to see and learnt why our ancestors had preserved this tradition and passed down over generations. It is very very meaningful and should be a lesson to be taught to your children...On this day of Heaven Day Open, we reflect, give thanks and smile. Putting religion aside, do you think this is a kind of chinese virtuous of 德?

do not think it is considered religious or superstitious just by looking at Heaven to Pray. Chinese experts studied star signs thousands of years ago, and this day was predicted where the energy of Magnetic wave is very special.

What our ancestors normally do on Heaven Door Open Day?

1) Have flower shower
2) Touch all Stones to absorb the good "Qi". [Highest magnetic energy]
3) Pray and burn joss paper
(In ancient time the joss paper needs to fill in many things, you write down your problems, reflection on it, burn and remind ourself to improve our personality and cultivate virtuous)
4a) Confession of wrong doings
4b) Smile and ask for blessing. Many recorded improvement in health and luck after the prayers
4c) Give Thanks for what you have
4d) Smile again
What can you do on Heaven Open Door Day?

1) Shower with any kind of essential oil (especially 5 elements oil)
2) Touch your crystals and do 636 breathing exercise 3 times (3 = Tian Di Ren)
3) If you do not burn joss paper, simply write down on a piece of paper: Things that have been troubling you, than cancel it out with a red pen.
4) Look up at the sky. Smile and do 4a,b,c and d.
5) All of us are equal. Respect each other. Practice Equality to people you like, people you do not like and people you do not care for.
6) Omhealth will have the gold swaroski mala with Tzi activated. U can visit miscellaneous at shopping cart.

2013 Articles

Improve House Fengshui within the week after Heaven Door Open day:

Improve health and family luck

1) WASH toilet with coconut brush and rose geranium and 5 element oil and CIF.

2) Than Scrub ur body with Heng heng Scrub and final rinse 5 element oil.

3) Go to every corner of your house and say " comfort peace and warmth" Spray Space Clearing Tranquility

4) Light ur coil incense or the omhealth High Mountain incense 

[ Bless your home with love. Put love in every corner so that your home lovingly responds with warmth and comfort. Be at peace. ]

Improve Person QI:

Do deep breathing exercise 478 breathing exercise. 3 times ANd smile. Close your eyes and smile to 5 organs: Say from heart, I smile to liver, I smile to Kidney, I smile to heart, I smile to Lungs, I smile to Spleen.

Than spray Tranquility Healing spray. Wear your omhealth crystal bracelet this day and go out.

Within this week, use any oil rub to crystal and say Love and Light ANd thank you very good.

2013 Article

What to say today

Happy heaven door open day 
Those if temple chant mantra dedicate to ur personal karmic debt ask them 离苦得乐!
Also temple look at statue of holy chant many mantra today and dedicate to TI gong ahaha ;
If remember abit pray for omhealth to flourish Ba ahaha 
Today if can vegetarian half day Ba;
1) when pray at temple any time ; look at sky say
; greatest respect to Ti GOng and all Gods and all enlightened one;
Today heaven door open day , my name ........., stay at .......... May my ( ur issues in life) be resolved , ur health ( specific problems if have) if parents pray for parents first....
Also 身边坏人变好人,小人变贵人。
Confess ur bad temper character and say u slowly be a better person and also be helpful to more people!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Wd appreciate it if you could share with us too with regards to the formation of joss paper for prayer on 18July not just for students attended the course. sometimes for some reasons, we are unable to attend yr course.

Tks & more power to your knowledge.

with Bryan Lao Shi said...

Yes , i already say for student they have special formations because they know what each paper means, for those who never attended I already says normal prayers will do and sometimes please think for me too. I cant explain 20 over joss paper from words is not possible.

Prayers can use joss paper or can just look at the sky. And I spell out clearly that doesnt mean no joss paper it wont work.

With joss paper formation is I want to pass down this art. So anonymous do u get it.

And again and again read my blog clearly I take into consideration of different religion method and with joss paper knowledge and without joss paper knowledge.

And JOss paper knowledge is not possible to explain in words. Hope u understand.

So , u can just look at sky and pray.


Anonymous said...

Pointed noted lao shi. Thanks for all your effort. As your Bai Bai student, i find your class share with us alot of ancient values. I feel great.

Anonymous said...

Lao Shi,

Bought whole suite package waiting for that day.

Anonymous said...

I am not your Bai Bai student. Thanks for sharing. U can just go bai bai shop buy simple Tian Gong Jin can already.

Yes lao shi from the heart....

Anonymous said...

Hi bryan,what time of the day should we do all this on July 18?

with Bryan Lao Shi said...

Morning == 5am to 1159am. Anytime... as long as is morning

Anonymous said...

Yes, praying in the Morning before 12 noon is the best. And have check the the time for the 18th July between 9 to 11 am is "Zhong" and 11am to 1 pm is "Ji" and this timing is also "GUI REN" time so is up to you to pray at any time as what Bryan has say. Just to share the good timing with you all. Have a Worry free and Healthy life ahead.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lao Shi, just wondering if you have sent us the email on the formation of joss papers already? Thanks for sharing all the information with us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

Notice that you have use 9 different type of Joss paper to pray on that day. Is a Good number 9 which the Tain Gong Birthday is also fall on the 9 of the Chinese New Year month.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan, I have received your products. Many thanks. but i have no idea how to light the sandalwood powder?