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10th July Heaven Door Open Day (updated from 2008)

2016 July
This is an amazing year, those event company organise my time all falls on special day. And i wish all good good. This day 10th July wear yellow. If those free can go 10th July Bugis Plus see see the taiwan people may be me abit at 4pm.

Omhealth has limited hulu for all coming, can inform cindy. But if give finish come come see the show abit if free ba.

For those going and want to buy the limited edition five element oil, u can email to class and cindy will pass u all that day with the big marble.

WHich temple to go?

u can visit these temples where we organise event before. Or waterloo Guan Yin Temple.

Wear ur yellow, this reduce the fire monkey, creating so much fire burning our water and wood, end up cant progress in career and always lost temper.
Use ur Protection spray

Is a day where Jade Emperor through his compassionate heart will ride 6 dragon and perform inspection of good and evil.

Is also a day we reflect our wrong doings and perform confession if possible by looking at sky.

U dont even need to spend single money cent to celebrate this day. Just be good and reflection and pray to Heaven will do.

A day where pray pray will help u

1) 补运,改运

no need pay people few hundreds dollars to pray, please take note of the commercialise trend coming up on this day.

Chant Cundi Mantra 108 times dedicate to all beings today.

Touch the Ruyi Tian Lu please and also the 2 house items.

For students who have my this 3 activated items past 3 years, u can bring to temple

The tian lu is to bring in wealth and happiness  ( U can put purification oil a drop)
the Hulu Tian Lu is for locking wealth and bring in health (u can put ten spice oil and cypress)
The ruyi tianlu is for u to be respected and remind u fuqi is thru good act. ( u can put 5 elemnt oil)

Above oil is optional, dont have all oil, u can put ten spice oil alone.

Bring above three items if u have and go over incense.

Is a powerful 3.

Fruits to eat
1) Go buy Can fruit Longan pray le and family eat.

If u want to spend money
1) U can order a heng ball with shopping cart that day, order and comments make wishes
2) Do charity if u want to
3) Go buy a shorts or pants or socks urself.

Below article updated from 2008
10th July

Remember to light a coil incense at home symbolise good energy and welcome good energy. Those with marble, add some $1 coin to the bowl after go temple when reach home. The $1 coin u can go over the incense urn at Kwan Yin Temple.

Touch ur crystal , stones very good.
Have been sharing about Heaven Door Open Day, which is one of the most auspicious Good Qi Day introduced since 2007. According to Historical Records of Prayers, the Jade Emperor will ride 6 dragons with an army of GOD,Angels to do inspections and help people.

[ I didnt know about the dragons, till 2 of my friends at the temple saw dragon in the sky on that day, (hard for me to believe) . When I study Qing Dynasty Book, it is recorded there will be dragon in the sky and some may see. I was so so shocked, as the 2 friends who relates about the dragon to me know nothing about Heaven Door Open Day. ] It happened in 2009 when they called me " Bryan, I at temple, got dragon leh, really."

All stones including crystals and jade will vibrate at the highest energy that day. Rub any of my activated crystals and chant any mantra. Remember to dedicate to all beings first as priority. Then pray for yourself.
During your prayers, also wish happiness to Jade Emperor and all Gods as a form of respect.

Visit temple and pray procedure. Remember is TI GONG and group of Gods.


9 to 10th July
Anytime cleans house with 5 element oil in a pale of water.
ii) Spray Protection Spray.
iii) Wash Toilets with coconut brush and rose geranium 5 drops, 5 element 5 drops with GIF lemon.
iv) Scrub body with Magneto scrub
v) Rinse yourself with purification blend 3 drops from pail of water.

10th July (itself)
Temple will be crowded, bring your own lighter. Also bring a small packet of sweets can le or small packet of red dates. After pray let people take. Red dates please buy best quality.

Extra Joss Paper to bring is TI GONG joss paper one stack can already. This day, this JOSS PAPER will vibrates highest energy.

ii) When go out to temple, apply Healing Trees Oil on bottom of both feet.
iii) Try to smell nice when enter temple, put any oil on wrist (if have sandalwood oil, if not lavendula vera) when pray

1) Removal of chronic illnesses

2) Restore reputation and wealth

3) Peace of heart and Tell TiGong and all God , u will be loving and slowly improve your character as instrument of love. And confess the year bad doing of urself like gossips etc.

At temple or at home, look at the sky and pray will be fine as well. .

Other religions can also look at the sky and pray, confess, and smile. No pantang at all.

Lighted candles regardless of religions to wish happiness for all.

Bryan's Prayer Method for home:

1) 5 oranges
2) 3 cups of sweet red dates tea
3) Ti Gong Joss Papers with Dragon rope
Light three joss sticks. Look at sky, pray and pray and pray....... until you feel so happy.... . When incense is burned 1/3, bring downstairs and burn the Joss papers. When burning Joss papers, say words like world peace, peace and happiness etc dedicated to all....

Light Bryan's sandalwood powder at the living room and coil incense, or use 5 element oils and apply on tissue. Tape the tissue onto your fan to blow the entire house.

Article 2 (2012)

Heaven Day Open - you can pray anytime. It doesn't matter whether you burnt joss paper a not. Its from your heart.History Research.

The Chinese has observed this day for more than thousand of years. Even before the birth of many Religious leaders including 乾隆Qing Dynasty emperor (most powerful era) talked about this day. Many heard and see the signs of Heaven Door Open. I don't call it superstitious but rather, auspicious.

[If Moses can reached out his hand over the Red Sea. And with great power, God pushed aside the waters, and blew a mighty wind that divided the sea in half! ]
 Yes. I believed in miracles.
Things I cannot see or explain but has been passed down for thousand years, there must be a reason for it. Use our wisdom to see and learnt why our ancestors had preserved this tradition and passed down over generations. It is very very meaningful and should be a lesson to be taught to your children...On this day of Heaven Day Open, we reflect, give thanks and smile. Putting religion aside, do you think this is a kind ofchinese virtuous of 德?

do not think it is considered religious or superstitious just by looking at Heaven to Pray. Chinese experts studied star signs thousands of years ago, and this day was predicted where the energy of Magnetic wave is very special.
What our ancestors normally do on Heaven Door Open Day?

1) Have flower shower or use magneto scrub and rinse 5 element oil
2) Touch all Stones to absorb the good "Qi". [Highest magnetic energy]
3) Pray and burn joss paper if u are in temple
(In ancient time the joss paper needs to fill in many things, you write down your problems, reflection on it, burn and remind ourself to improve our personality and cultivate virtuous)
4a) Confession of wrong doings by looking and heaven and talk
4b) Smile and ask for blessing. Many recorded improvement in health and luck after the prayers
4c) Give Thanks for what you have
4d) Smile again
What can you do on Heaven Open Door Day?

1) Keep your house smell nice, use the chemical free omhealth coil incense ( wipe floor,especially 5 elements oil)
2) Touch your crystals and do 636 breathing exercise 3 times (3 = Tian DiRen)
3) If you do not burn joss paper, simply write down on a piece of paper: Things that have been troubling you, than cancel it out with a red pen.
Use ur gold pen write wishes
4) Look up at the sky. Smile and do 4a,b,c and d.
5) All of us are equal. Respect each other. Practice Equality to people you like, people you do not like and people you do not care for.

I will be very busy activating Mala and bracelets on this auspicious day. You can order now if your want.

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