Monday, December 28, 2009

Da Bo Gong 大伯公

Da Bo Gong 大伯公 is a deity which has been mistaken by many for wealth and 4D. In fact, 大伯公 is known as 福德正神。 大伯公 is a deity that protects us from harm and bring wealth, if we put in hard work. Is known also as merit accumulating for good luck. People who are kind hearted and do good deeds/things will received blessing. I have many many feedbacks from people about Da Bo Gong Prayers.

Especially good for those who work really hard but often cannot see results. Of course, we must be able to differentiate between unable to see results and being uncontented. This is my sincere research. Other religion readers, please treat this as an information sharing blog :)

I will print out the simple mantra and give to those who wants the mantra during "Welcome Tiger Year 2010" once again. Have you register for 23rd Jan 2010? "Welcome Tiger Year 2010" - an auspicious event to attend. So do come :)

Thank you everyone.

Bryan's limited edition jade "Tian Lu" left with only a few pieces now.

It is really a nice sincere piece. Do invite one as a little faithful pet, with earth energy to balance your life. Tied and connected with different crystals with love and light. Activated with a lot of good energy.


  1. Hi Bryan
    Please advise, is Tian Lu and Pi Xiu the same.

  2. Hi Bryan,

    I am looking to receive my Gorgeous Jade Tian Lu from you as my precious pet for the year 2010.
    It is properly activated by 9 procedure for healing and protection. Bryan, u r really gd at Feng Shui products.

    fm Sweety Baby

  3. U can buy Jade Tian Lu for your family member, friend, colleague as a Christmas or Birthday present.


  4. Hi Bryan

    would love to own one of this limited edition jade "Tian Lu" if you still have.


  5. if i hand it to my handbag, I worry it will scratch the tian lu. How should i take good care of my lovely pet?

  6. If u are really worry about your lovely pet(Tian Lu), u can place it inside a very nice pouch inside your handbag.


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